Sam Ost is Running Again!

Sam“…his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water…” Psalms 1:2-3 

On the stormy morning of September 24, 2006, Sam Ost was sent off with many tears and kisses by his family and ushered into the presence of Jesus, never to be physically limited again by disease or pain. Sam will be remembered as a godly man, and a devoted husband and dad, who loved Jesus with all his heart, and demonstrated that love by caring for people.  To have Sam as a friend was to have a true, faithful brother in Christ who would always go “the second mile” to help and encourage.  

After being born and raised in the Valley, Sam attended Judson College near Chicago, Illinois, where he majored in Computer Science, played basketball and sang in the choir.  Sam’s roomates were always amazed that no matter how late Sam got to the room at night, he would always read his Bible before going to bed.  Sam made many lifelong friends at Judson, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. 

After working for a few years in the Chicago area, and spending hundreds of dollars on long distance phone calls to his sweetheart, Linda, Sam returned to the Valley, where he married Linda Garza on June 11, 1988. Soon thereafter, Sam began his own computer software business, “Ost Enterprises”, and developed software for insurance companies, “casas de cambio”, and truck brokers.  Many of these companies still use his software today, and some of his software is being used nationwide. 

Sam and Linda Wedding

Along the way, God gave Sam and Linda two boys, Joel and Nathan, who Sam loved with all his heart, playing with them for hours in the living room (games such as “piggies in a blanket”) and in the backyard, always with loud laughter.  Each night, Sam would read Psalms to the boys in their room as they went to sleep.  In 1997, Sam traveled with his brother to a Promise Keepers rally on the Mall in Washington D.C. with over a million other men, and Jim remembers him kneeling on the grass with his face buried in a picture of Linda and his boys, weeping and praying for them.  

Sam loved inviting his family over to the house after church, crowding everybody around their little kitchen table, and cooking up his specialty, “chocolate thunder tacos”.  When he made them for the church, he called them, “tacos al hijo del pastor.” 

One of Sam’s greatest callings was to encourage and minister to teenagers, especially junior high boys.  Many evenings were spent playing basketball, lifting weights, and playing his unique brand of “Risk”, always asking about their relationship to Jesus before the evening ended.  Sam also joyfully devoted many hours to volunteering with the church youth group, organizing and directing several summer camps and retreats. 

Sam Praying

Music was important in Sam’s life, and he would play his coronet every Sunday in the church band, even participating in the recording of a church praise album. 

About 10 years ago, Sam was diagnosed with the worst kind of MS, and over the years, as his body began to deteriorate, Sam never lost faith in God, and continued to be an example of a faithful and true Christian in the face of suffering. Sam was a godly man and role-model to all who know him and we will miss Sam very much, but we know we will see him again in Heaven, running, smiling, laughing, and, most of all, worshiping Jesus. 

Sam Marx

Visitation will be held for family and friends from 5 pm to 8 pm, Tuesday, September 26, at Baptist Temple, 2001 Trenton Road, McAllen, Texas. 

Funeral services will begin at 10 am on Wednesday, September 27, at Baptist Temple.

 Internment will follow at Valley Memorial Cemetary in McAllen.  Funeral arrangements under the direction of Rivera Funeral Home.   


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  1. laura says:

    To Jim and all of your family~
    Sam was such an awesome, unique, and genuinely funny person…although I didn’t get to know him as well as I know you, he welcomed me as a friend and was such delightful company to me at your wedding in Saltillo.
    It goes without saying that he was a Godly man, infused with the radience of the presence of Jesus, with such a deep intelligence in his eyes, yet always twinkling with joy at being with you.
    I know he will be deeply missed.
    May all of you be wrapped in the comfort of God’s love and peace at this time.
    With love and prayers,
    Laura Rudgers
    Poway, Ca

  2. There are no words to describe how much we miss Sam. Speaking for myself, he was my hero and protector growing up. In the 3rd grade, I was in new school in French Lick, Indiana where my parents were on furlough from the mission field. Sam heard about a bully that was tormenting me; waited for him behind the school, AND BEAT THE SNOT OUT OF HIM!
    Then in high school, when I was but a lowly freshman, Sam would let me go out on the weekends with his cool, older friends, always paying for me at Mazzio’s and The Big Cheese, and never making me feel small or stupid.
    Sam was a cool older brother, who always set a good example for me, both as a natural athlete and as one who truly loved Jesus with all his heart. I thought if Sam was a jock and worshiped Jesus, it was cool for me to worship God as well.
    We had a blast growing up — building forts in the woods, repelling out of trees, leaping off the roof onto mattresses, engaging in bb gun fights, hiking with dad at Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge, and, as we grew older, jamming on our horns together.
    We could never seem to play a game of one-on-one basketball, however, without it deteriorating into physical violence. One such memorable ocassion was by a lake in Minnesota on a family vacation. While playing on an 8-foot rim, we began dunking hard on each other’s heads and the tempers rose with the humidity. Finally after one thunderous dunk, I lunged for him and began to pummel him. We fell to the ground as dad came running out of the cabin to pull us apart. Um, we were out of high school when this happened. The competitiveness was incredible. We played in frigid weather and burning hot weather, at night and in the daytime, in the rain and in the sleet. “Check me the ball and get out of my way!”
    And who could forget our trip to Minneapolis (where he would dump me on the lawn of the college dorm) in an old green Chrysler, into which we poured water at every rest stop, running the heater the whole way to take heat off the engine! But the radio worked great!
    But my most fond memories of Sam are the camps that we directed together in Texas. Worshiping and praying together every night, ministering to the teens at the altar, organizing wacky games, and then seeing God change young lives. What a privelege to serve with such a godly man. What an example of enjoying an abundant life and living for Jesus!
    Sam, you made a big difference to a little brother. I will NEVER forget you. See you later.

  3. Becky J says:

    I will always remember Sam as a man of Scripture, passion, humor, and creativity.

    I can still recite many of the verses we learned for Scripture Splash at Iglesia Biblica (and I still have the booklet). I can see Sam leaning forward in his chair in the church classroom, reciting with passion verses about Jesus birth, ministry, death and resurrection as we listened to Handel’s Messiah. He encouraged us to read with drama as well! “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

    I remember Sam for all the phone calls he made to the CFU office when I was secretary, always with some joke to tell. And the times spent at his home with Linda, the boys, and other family and friends, playing games and laughing. I was always in awe of his amazing ability to imitate many different accents and personalities. He loved to entertain, along with Jim, and they did it quite successfully–much to the pain of my aching sides.

    And I actually remember Sam and Linda’s wedding! Although I was only 4 years old, I suppose… but somehow I still have the image of their wedding at Good Shepherd in my mind. The example of Sam & Linda’s marriage is one that makes me consider what true love is. They promised love “in sickness and in health” at that wedding, and they kept it. Wow. What an amazing example.

    Sam was a great father. The laughter never ended with Sam as cheif playmate for Joel and Nathan and I chuckle to remember the cardobard/bedspread forts and obstacle courses he encouraged them to construct in the living room, which I actually went through on one visit to their home as a teenage girl!

    We have already been missing Sam for a while, but his passing brings all the memories back into focus as we consider this great man of faith and hope to follow in his footsteps. I’m sure he is cheering us on from heaven, ever the encourager and prayer warrior. I’m glad he is finally whole again and I can’t wait to see him in heaven. Thank you, Sam for your life lived for Christ.

  4. Ben says:

    Sam was a tremendous example to me, probably the greatest along with my dad and Grandpa Roy. He impacted me especially as a young teenager, teaching the junior high boys Sunday school class in that tiny room at Iglesia Biblica. Looking back, I can’t imagine what kind of trials we put him through, but he always displayed the love of Christ. Some of my memories of Sam:
    – trailblazing through the “wilderness” of Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge
    – capture the flag at El Shaddai
    – sanctuary soccer
    – many hours of basketball at elementary schools all over McAllen
    – Sam reciting Psalms during church – he must have memorized dozens of them
    – bringing 2 crumpled dollar bills to Tico’s after basketball
    – Christmas gag gifts
    – watching Monday Night Football together
    – Risk – Ost modification. Surprise attacks, boats, Finger of Fate
    – Frisbee golf
    – his always cheerful spirit

    I can’t wait to see him again.


  5. RubeRad says:

    John 9:1-3

    As [Jesus] passed by, he saw a man blind from birth. And his disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?” Jesus answered, “It was not that this man sinned, or his parents, but that the works of God might be displayed in him.

    How God’s grace and strength and mercy have been always on display through Sam as he bore through adversity!

  6. David Madrigal says:

    My wife and I were talking about Sam the other day when we passed by a basketball court where we used to go and play. We have great memories of Sam, she didn’t meet him until after he became ill but she remembers that even though sometimes he had problems communicating with us, he still made it a point to say something funny, she could see the humor in him and the courage that he had to keep fighting. On my behalf, my fondest memories of him are when we used to play music together and go out and play basketball. We loved going over to his house to play games as well, he was a loving person and a great friend. We miss him dearly, our most recent memory of him was seeing him at our wedding, we were happy to see him there with his beautiful wife. We love you guys and we know that he is now with God. Just as he has gone to heaven to be with God in a joyous reunion, we ask God that he gives us that peace that we need to see him off, and that he blesses your family with love and courage. God Bless…David and Brenda P. Madrigal

  7. Donna Coggeshall says:

    The Sam Ost I knew was larger than life. If anyone ever was a born leader, it was Sam Ost. My first memory of him is at kid’s church at First Assembly of God in McAllen. He and the other older boys sat in the back. Sam knew all the answers to all the questions our beloved teacher, Pat, asked. I was terribly intimidated by Sam.

    Later, at Good Shepherd Christian School, Sam was big-man-on-campus and every superlative you can think of. He was the best looking, smartest and most talented guy in the school. If his graduating class had had 1,000 students instead of five and if there had been such a designation among the graduates, Sam still would have been voted “Most likely to succeed.” He was obviously destined to accomplish much.

    My last memory of Sam is set at a reception for Jim and Esther. Although Sam and I had little personal interaction over the years, that night, he greeted me like an old friend. The image I have of him from that evening is Sam sitting in his wheelchair with his arms uplifted in praise to the Lord. It was very apparent that Sam was extremely grateful for the opportunity to worship his lord and savior, Jesus Christ.

    With only a couple of exceptions, all the photos I have of Sam are of him engaged in some sort of sport. Sam was highly competitive and he was used to winning. In the game of life, he played to win as well and he succeeded despite the obstacles. Sam indeed fought the good fight, finished the race and through it all kept the faith.

    To beautiful Linda and your and Sam’s sons and to the precious Ost Family: “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

  8. Samara and Juan Carlos Martinez says:

    Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee. Trust ye in the Lord for ever: for in the Lord JEHOVA is everlasting strength. Isaiah 26:3-4

    As I read this verse last night, I was reminded of Sam’s continued faith and strong walk with Christ, even amidst his declining physical condition. Although the last time I saw him it was difficult for him to speak, his eyes and demeanor shone with the joy and peace of Jesus. It was through Sam I learnt the significance of scripture memorization. I still have the hand sheets with Scriptures we memorized for the Elisha Compact. Sam has press[ed] toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus and has reached it. I know Hermano Juanito must be so happy to have with him Sam, whole in body, join him by Jesus’ side.

    We send our love and prayers to Linda, Joel and Nathan and the Ost family. I pray that the peace of God will guard the hearts and minds of Sam’s family, especially his boys.
    Juan Carlos and Samara Martinez

  9. Ismael Fernandez says:

    the biggest memory I have of Sam was at El shaddai camp. Sam was always playing sports with the guys. Sam was always ready to give a word of encouragement to anybody. At the camp when we were praying for the activities, as Sam began praying the Glory of God would descend upon all of us. Sam , your whole world revolved around God.I still imagine you playing on the floor of your living room with your boys. So many times you encouraged me to follow God and never step away from his presence. And all yes, I remember how you named my fajitas, The Broken Hearted Fajitas. The world has lost an awesome Godly man.I will miss you terribly Sam. I could only pray that God will cover you Jim, Clara, Stephie, and Debbie in His everlasting arms. To Linda, and the boys May God give you comfort and lots of love during this time and always. Sam you will always be like a big brother. Today you are as healthy as can be and I know that you are walking the streets of gold. To the Ost family May God Bless You…Ismael,Rita and Priscilla Fernandez.

  10. Larry Wilson says:

    I was shocked and saddened by the news today. We were supposed to live forever or at least until Jesus came to get us. There was never any question about Sam being a leader. I remember basketball, beach trips, basketball, Risk, basketball, pizza and basketball. I remember an all night Risk game that ended with the board flying across the room due to an earth shattering disaster. I remember Big Cheese and Mazzio’s too, Jim; and you are right, you were always there. And always welcome. I remember Youth Group on Friday nights; Sam in the Lincoln, Lee in the Monte Carlo, Dave in that old Chevy van, Robert in the big Dodge van and me in the T-Bird; loaded to the gills with kids headed for pizza, somewhere. I remember beach trips were younger kids could go because parents knew Sam would be along. I remember camping in Leakey with a cabin full of guys, praying in the middle of the night. I remember late nights hanging out at the church, someones house or at Denny’s. I remember hay rides in the cemetary at Johnson City; with some unnamed nutcase dropping from a tree into the trailer. I remember eleven people in my T-Bird because we all wanted to ride together. I remember Sam playing Scandinavian exchange student in a Mexican resturant on old 83. The poor waiter never had clue that Sam was only speaking jibberish. I remember bowling and minature golf; my head still aches; and late night runs getting kids home before curfews. Sam never complained, everyone was welcome in his group. We were young, full of hopes and dreams and no one could keep us out of church or any other related activity. The last time I saw Sam was about ’88 or ’89. Dave took me to his apartment, it was full of teenagers; they had just finished a game of basketball, of course. I didn’t get to see him again, but I followed his lead. Sunday school teacher, youth sponser; volunteering for anything the church needed. What an act to follow.
    You were my friend when we were just hoping and dreaming. Tough times and fun times, you were there. I could count on you. Faithful friend. As far back as I can remember you were always a light. I will miss you. Save me a place at the table and I will make you think surprise attack and Finger of Fate.

  11. Stephanie (Ost) Martinez says:

    “A prince and a great man has fallen in Israel this day…”

    When I was born, Sam was ten. He was always my idol and hero. He was so handsome, athletic, tough, smart and tan, and the coolest guy I ever knew. He always reminded me of the Fonz from Happy Days, but way better looking. He was our protector, too. I told Eddie that Jim used to play with Debbie and me more, but when he was mean to us, or being unfair, we would go get Sam, who would take care of him right away! Sam was the most adventurous and daring of us all, too… When we went on vacation, he was always looking for the highest cliff to climb, the biggest rock to jump off of, and the deepest water to dive into. I can still remember floating in the river at Chalk Bluff, watching him in his cut-off jean shorts, his muscles rippling, climbing up the side of the cliff, until he looked like just a tiny blue speck at the top. He was very daring… One time, he was whittling wood, and gouged his leg with the knife he was using. He refused medical care, patching his leg up himself, and the large resulting scar was a badge of honor his whole life! He and Jim would also cook up lots of hair-brained schemes, like throwing a water hose over a tree branch, and getting us all to swing from it, or jumping off the roof of our two-story house, and sliding down a pipe. Jim and Sam would really set each other off telling jokes and funny stories in weird accents, and once the two of them got going, we would all be rolling on the floor. No one could ever make my dad laugh as hard as those two!

    Sam was also into doing magic tricks when he was young. He had a wooden box that he kept his things in, and I was always intrigued by that box, and astounded at his tricks. He also liked eating sunflower seeds, chocolate covered mini-donuts, Whataburgers on whole-wheat buns, and tacos. My mom says that when he was a little boy, she would look for him all over church when the service was over, only to find him in Conchita’s kitchen, eating tacos. He wasn’t into a lot of junk food or sweets, preferring pecan pie to birthday cake on his birthdays, corn over flour tortillas, rice over potatoes, and tea over soda any day. He had a gorgeous smile, with straight white teeth, which he spent a lot of time keeping pretty! I remember him lecturing us that the best way to remove plaque from your teeth was with a towel!

    Sam was a natural athlete and musician, and spent lots of time practicing his horn, lifting weights and doing push ups between two chairs. Sometimes, he would have me climb up on his back, and he would do push ups with me on his back, which of course, I loved. Since all four of us went to Good Shepherd School, as each one of us came up through the various grades, high standards were set for us, since we were “Sam Ost’s” siblings, a name spoken of in hushed tones by the school faculty. Sam was the valedictorian of his class, and deservedly so. He was extremely smart, and excelled in every academic area. Sam was a great thinker and a talented and creative writer. He thought store-bought birthday cards were too predictable and trite, so he always wrote his own birthday notes to the family, and everyone loved getting them, since they were so unique. When my mom went back to nursing school, Sam and Dad tutored her, and Sam made up many rhymes and songs to help her learn the complicated lessons. Throughout my life, if I needed anything or had a problem, Sam was always there, and he always looked for a solution. I don’t remember him telling me that he just didn’t know what to do… He actively tried to help, saying things like, “Well, what are we going to do about this?” When he was at college, I wrote to him to ask him to please write out the music for “I Will Enter His Gates with Thanksgiving in my Heart”, so that I could play it on my French horn. I’m sure that he was very busy, but pretty soon, I got my sheet music in the mail, carefully written out in Sam’s scratchety writing! He also loved to sing in three-part harmony, and forced Debbie and me to practice many difficult songs standing together by the piano, which we performed at various functions. When Sam and Linda got married, I was sixteen, and since Debbie and Jim were away at school, my parents and I spent a lot of time with them. We even called ourselves a “clique”. I remember Sam and Linda coming over all the time, and Sam would play with Linda like she was a new toy. One of my favorite of their tricks was when Linda would put her arms behind her back, and Sam would come behind her, and use his hands to express what she was saying, as if they were her hands. Since Linda has such tiny white hands, and Sam had big tan hands, it looked really funny! When my parents went out of town, I would stay with Sam and Linda at their apartment. I slept in the living room, and Sam developed an annoying habit of coming in in the mornings, and whispering, “Sssssstephie…..Sssssssstephie…..” to wake me up, which was a very grating thing to hear first thing in the morning, and Sam would laugh and laugh at his own joke. We also played fierce games of Tetris against each other, and when it was his turn, he would physically pull me out of the chair, and when it was my turn, I would do the same. We would laugh so hard that we could hardly breathe! If I called to talk to Linda and he answered the phone, he would say, “How are you?”, and I would say “Fine, and you?”, and he would say, “Just fine… How about yourself?”, “Fine, fine, and how’s it going with you?” and so on and so on, until Linda would finally get the phone about ten minutes later!!

    Sam loved being with the family, and always wanted to get together for whatever reason. No matter how many people were in the group, we would all squeeze around the small round dining room table in that apartment and have a good time eating and playing games. Lots of times, after dinner at my parent’s house, he would get us all out behind the house, which he helped to build, to walk down the six mile line. He would have us marching and walking backwards, talking about training different parts of our bodies.

    When Joel and Nathan came, Sam was so in love with both of them, devising special songs and games for his boys. I still remember when Joel came home from the hospital, Sam would lie down on the floor with him, cradling him in his arms, and just holding him for long periods of time. He loved his boys more than anything.

    When Sam first started showing symptoms of MS, it was so devastating and unbelievable to see his strong legs stumbling, and his body deteriorating. Like Sam, we all believed for a miracle, and carried the dull pain and sorrow of his sickness with us all the time. Many times, I heard my parents say how they longed to take his sickness for him. I wished that we could somehow all take turns with it, so that Sam wouldn’t suffer alone anymore. When my dad died, I thought for sure that that meant that Sam would be have to be healed. Sam himself never stopped believing, saying things like, “I’m not going to need this wheelchair much longer”. During one of his hospital stays a few years ago, I read him “The Silver Chair”, one of the Chronicles of Narnia that we read together as children. My parents came to see him while I was reading, and he told them that we were keeping family tradition alive.

    How can I tell you everything that was so wonderful and memorable about my brother Sam? I have so many things in my heart that it is impossible. He was an exceptional man, a true leader, a man of God, and a man with a heart for people. As a child, he made a promise to God that not one day would ever go by without him reading the Bible. And I know that he kept that promise. He was a man of his word. I was always very proud of my handsome brother, but today, I am prouder than ever. He fought the good fight, kept the faith and he finished the race strong.

    My parents named him Samuel, because he was asked of the Lord, and the Lord sent him. And on Sunday, the Lord took him back home. My mom says that she prayed that my dad would come to get him, and I am sure that my Dad did come to get his little boy, and took him to that land where he can once again run and swim and climb mountains, free from his crippled and worn-out earthly body. I wish I could have seen their reunion! After Sam went to be with Jesus, the world got a little darker, and I looked at my mom, and Jim and Debbie, and thought, “And then there were four”…But although the family circle is decreasing here, it’s getting bigger and bigger in heaven and I am sure that Sam is getting some little table ready to go, so that one day, we can all crowd around it and laugh together again. Sam, as the oldest, you always set the example for the rest of us, and now you’ve blazed the trail home to heaven. I miss you so much, Sam, and I can’t wait to hug you again on the other side!

  12. David Poe says:

    When I think about Sam, the one word that comes to my mind is Friend. Yes, Sam was a jock and a great basketball player and yes he was a great trumpet player. But even though I wasn’t a jock, and I was definitely not a musician, (but more likely the guy running around with a camera around my neck) Sam always treated me as his friend and with respect. And that’s how Sam was with everyone. With all his talent and ablilites, he never treated anyone like he was better than they were.

    Sam mastered the art of how to be a light to the world, and still have a whole lot of fun in the process. They’ve already been mentioned, but I too remember the days from Youth Group at Good Shepherd and all the crazy things we did and the fun we had. I also remember that our relationship with God was always an intregal part of what we did, even if it was praying that I got home before curfew! I also know that it was because my parents trusted the older youth in the group, that I got to do a lot of activities even before I could drive myself. I have a teenage daughter today, and I can only pray that God will bring friends into her life like I had back then.

    Sam, we miss you, but we know you’re rejoicing today, and one day the old gang will get back together and have a great reunion.

  13. james kooiman says:

    Sam we will all miss you, your enthusiasm,joy of living and Godly example, but we are glad for you, that you are happy in His presence! May the Lord comfort Linda and your boys and all your family.

    See you again, in His time!

    James and Debra Kooiman

  14. Deborah Ost Krueger says:

    I have a memory in my mind of a picture that we took the day Sam left for college as a freshman. We all look so sad and forlorn. Maybe because we all FELT so sad and forlorn! We were excited for Sam, but..oh I cried for weeks late at night in my bed before he went away that summer. I knew our family would never really be the same again. I knew it was coming, but the moment of saying goodbye was so hard.
    All the while I was driving through that intense rain to see Sam this Sunday, I was wishing that we were just going to pick him up at the airport after he had been away for awhile. Usually he was the last one off, the best looking guy on the plane. I was so proud he was my brother.
    Sam lived life with intensity and passion. He played hard, he laughed hard. He had goals and went for them with all of his might. He was a wonderful brother, always looking out for me, worrying about me, praying for me.
    I miss Sam. I miss his laugh, the way he would laugh so hard he could barely breathe at some weird inside joke he and Jim would have. I miss the way he would carry his boys around when they were little, and make all of us tacos after church. I miss the annoying way he would whistle through his teeth or read to himself and spit sunflower seeds at the same time. I miss his trumpet blaring in the house and watching him play basketball and run and swim and jump. I miss the silly things, like the way he would call Linda “Lunchmoney” and hug Mom and say “You’re a good son, Barn”, in his best Andy Griffith impersonation. I miss his letters written out in his scratchy handwriting and his Sunday School lessons and his encouragements. Once he wrote me a birthday card in which he said “When we all get to heaven, will it matter much that the 100,006 year-olds are 6 years older than the 100,000 year olds? ” I always pictured Sam living a long time, becoming a thin, eccentric old man with white hair eating health food and dishing out professorly wisdom.
    These last few months, whenever anyone would ask “How is Sam?” I wouldn’t know what to say. It hurt me to see him the way he had become. Sam loved Jesus and believed God would heal him to the end. What can we do? We trust in God, We just keep on taking one day at a time. We actually do what we say we believe, even when we don’t have all of the answers. Sam was a beautiful man, broken like the alabaster vase Mary broke to anoint Jesus’ feet. But when illness crushed him, the fragrance of Christ emitted from his life all the more.
    Now, we all look so sad and forlorn, just like that day we took the going away to college picture . We are sad and forlorn. We are excited for Sam, healthy and free again, but oh how I’ve cried for my brother late at night these weeks before we had to say goodbye. We knew it was coming, but the moment of saying goodbye is so hard. We miss you, Sam. See you on the other side, when there will be no more goodbyes.

  15. Irma & Chuy II says:

    Our memories of Sam:

    We remember about 7 or 8 years ago we visited Iglesia Biblica for the first time and it was Sam the first person that welcomed us with such a big and friendly smile and those big blue eyes, his hand shake was firm and quickly he and Chuy became friends, I remember him saying to us – How are you Chuy? How are you Irma? God is good Chuy – what a blessing even when he was going through the early stages of MS he never lost his humor.

    We still remember him playing his horn in a very unique way, even when he was in his wheel chair he tried his best to play for the Lord.

    We could see that he was a Godly man, so many scriptures that he shared with Chuy, to say that Chuy still has some of those scriptures. We did not get to know him as well because of his illness, but after all those nice comments and memories his family and friends shared with us at the service we know that he was very humorus and very down to earth.

    To the Ost family, Linda, Joel, Nathan may the Lord give you all strength and comfort through the Holy Sprirt during this diffcult time. We love you all in the Lord

    –Sam we will see you again in heaven–

    Sam–you will be missed dearly

    Chuy II and Irma Salinas

  16. Jim Boscaljon says:

    I first met Sam as a freshman at Judson College in Elgin, Il. He roomed with Chris Chambers who I had met the first week of school playing basketball. By the end of the first semester, Sam and Chris, and Joe Compton, my new roommate, and I were inseperable. Thus began a friendship that has lasted 25 years, long after we graduated and had gone our different ways. There are so many memories that I could recall about Sam. There is a song by Steven Curtis Chapman that has been going through my mind since returning from Texas:
    by Steven Curtis Chapman and Twila Paris

    Everyone knows you
    As a man of honor
    I am glad to know you
    Simply as a friend

    You’ve always taken
    Time to be my brother
    And I’ll be standing by you in the end

    But I will never put you on a pedestal
    I thank the Lord for everything you do
    I’ll be there to pray for you and for the ones you love
    I believe that He will finish all He’s started in you

    I will be an open
    Door that you can count on
    Anywhere you are
    Anywhere you’ve been
    I will be an honest
    Heart you can depend on
    I will be your faithful friend.

    I am one of many
    Whose path has been made clearer
    By the light you’ve carried faithfully
    As a warrior and a child

    God has used you greatly
    To encourage and inspire
    You’ve remained a true friend all the while

    Should it ever come your time to mourn
    I will weep with you
    And every single time you win
    I’m celebrating, too

    Sam, a part of me is now incomplete, but I am rejoicing in the freedom you have from a body that let you down. You all will continue to be in our prayers as you go through this healing. Sam will always be in our memories. And I can’t wait to see you agian.


  17. Before I knew Sam, I was an ice-cold Christian – seldom praying – seldom in the Word. I got to know Sam, and in time, found out about his illness. Because of that, I started praying for him on a regular basis. I remember that I even fasted for him a few times. As a result, I now pray regularly and throughout the day, and I have grown in my love for the Word of God. I prayed for Sam daily, ever since then. I will now have a gap in the place on my list where I prayed for him.

    When Sam couldn’t teach the Jr. High boys at BT anymore, I felt I should step in and help out. I’ve been teaching for a few years now, and I incorporated the things he told me about teaching boys into my classes with a lot of success. So, I thank God for Sam, and his spark that ignited God’s fire in me.
    I will miss you my friend.
    -Jonathan Searfoss

  18. Steve and Loraine Johnson says:

    Dear Linda, Joel, Nathan, Clara, Jim, Deb, Stephanie,

    Today you are saying good-bye to the husband, father, son and brother you loved so much. Our thoughts and prayers accompany you on this day of sorrow and of celebration of Sam´s life. How we would like to embrace you all in this hour.

    My first memory of Sam comes from 1965, when I slept in his room and he would put on my cowboy boots and walk around the house. I can still see him with those big boots up over his little knees walking around the house on Sugar Road.

    Sam´s zest for life, creativity and genuine faith are what I will remember about him. He loved action – playing ball, playing games, helping young men. He loved to put his own touch on what he did, whether it was owning his own business instead of working for someone else, writing new rules for the game of RISK, or creating games to play with Joel and Nathan when they were small. Wherever he was, something was happening.

    His faith was genuine. He never made being healed a condition of following or serving God. He desperately wanted to be healed; he prayed to be healed; he went to healing meetings and got prayer for healing, but he never made his own healing a test of the reality of the Gospel or a condition of his relationship to God. And although he was not healed here on earth, as we all would have wished, he is now a free and complete person in the presence of Jesus, unshackled by the destructive effects of the MS. He continued to love the Lord and His Word and he continued to serve God throughout his long ordeal. Sam´s faith was genuine.

    We love all of you.

    Steve and Loraine

  19. Ileana Rodriguez says:

    We really enjoyed the celebration of Sam’s going to be with the Lord at Baptist Temple. Everything that was said was so true about him. He was a great guy, fun to be around, good son, brother, husband and father and most of all a great christian example to all.

    Louis says that what impacted him the most is that Sam wasn’t “religious”, he was a normal guy who loved the Lord so much and at the same
    time someone fun to be around with.

    I remember one Sunday after church, I pulled into El Pato on Pecan Blvd. close to 23rd St. and you know how they had that little window where they took your order, well! when I got to the window, instead of a girl opening the window to take my order, guess who opened the small window, yes you guessed right, “SAM” (somehow saw me coming and got behind the counter), and I saw the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen and I said, “Sam what are you doing there?” and he started laughing. I loved him and all your family as well.

    You guys are so special and I have beautiful memories of you. I love you.

    Hna. Ileana.

  20. Steve Arriola says:

    He was great older brother to you I know. We’re so glad he is finally home free!

    We’ll be praying for your family and Linda and the kids.

    Steve Arriola

  21. Erik Rivenes says:

    Deb, Steph, Jim, Clara and families…

    I’m so sorry about Sam and the difficult time you must all be going through right now. We all send our deepest sympathy at this tough time.

    My Dad, Mom, Jen and Alison and I are all thinking about you.

    If there is absolutely anything I can do please do not hesitate to ask!


  22. Nancy Hooper says:


    What a beautiful tribute to a bigger than life man of God. His life surely shaped the man of God that you have become. You couldn’t have had a better brother. My heart & my prayers go out to you all. Sure does seem at times that Jesus takes the very best home to be with Him.

    Loved the Jim & Sam jam. Who did the “Sachmo” singing in This Little Light of Mine?

    Love & Prayers,


  23. Bill Carter says:

    Hi Jim,

    We want to pass along our condolences. I didn’t know Sam that well, but could see the compassion and zeal for young people, when I was last with you guys at youth camp. W

    e are lifting up the family and believing for Gods comfort & strength during this time of mourning.

    Your friend,

  24. Josue Gomez Leal says:


    Sentimos mucho lo de tu hermano Sam, pero como tu dices el ya está por fin liberado de sus limitaciones terrenales y gozando con Jesús en el cielo.

    Nos unimos a la pena por la que están pasando tu, tu familia y la familia de Linda en estos momentos, estaremos orando para que Dios les de consuelo y pronto se recuperen de esta perdida, confiando siempre en que algún día también nosotros nos le uniremos para siempre en la eternidad junto con tu papá, abuelo y toda la gente que ya se ha ido con el Señor.

    Los amamos y los recordamos siempre, es una lástima que no podamos estar allá con ustedes, pero reciban todo nuestro apoyo de parte de la familia Gómez Rodríguez.



    Josué Gómez Leal

  25. Jim and Martha Towner says:

    Excellent job, Jim. Thanks for taking time to share all this. We love you all and are praying for you as you pass through this valley.

    The Towners in Spain

  26. Chuck Wills says:

    I haven’t called because I know you are really busy getting things done for the service.

    My heart and prayers are with you guys, Deb especially, and her family.

    Sam was a great man of God. I really enjoyed my time with him many years ago when he was teaching me things about computers. I was helping Mike Masso at the time, to set up a Bible School at the church and Sam wrote a church membership program for us.

    He spent a lot of time teaching me simple things about Windows. The amazing thing is that he was so enthusiastic about showing me and he never lost his patience with me, even though I was a slow learner. I’ll never forget that.

    Love you guys,

  27. Jeff Yoder says:


    I could not keep from weeping as I read your words of tribute regarding your brother. I did not know Sam, but he sounds like he was an incredible individual who shared Jesus with many.

    I am praying for you, your family, and especially your Mom during these days. The words you have written and shared in regards to Sam go on even though he is with Christ in his new body.

    With my thoughts and prayers this day,

    Jeff Yoder

  28. Brian Wikstrom says:

    My sympathies to you and your family. Please great your mom for me. You have had quite the year, but God is good and has it all under control. Trust in Him and He will direct your path.

    Brian Wikstrom

  29. George Romer says:

    Dear Jim,

    I and my family send you and your family our deepest condolences.

    I always admired and highly esteemed Sam and aspired (and still aspire) to play the coronet as well as he did. He gave me a lot of good tips to play better. Above all I appreciated his love for our Lord Jesus Christ. He indeed was an example that all should seek to emulate.

    May the love of God and the joy of Jesus and the comfort of the Holy Spirit be with you all.

    Shalom in Yeshúa,
    George W. Romer

  30. Thomas Spyker says:

    It brought tears to my eyes, just to read your email on Sam,

    I also greatly appreciated Sams example and love for the word and for the Lord, he is a challenge to us to continue serving the Lord
    with all our hearts.

    I pray that God’s grace is with you Jim now with your brother Sam and your dad going to be with the Lord, you will have some hard times
    but God’s grace will be with you in a great way, and you will grow tremendously because of this as well.

    Love and prayers, from one more that really loved and appreciated Sam

    Algeciras, Cadiz, Spain

  31. Davie and Christiana Copp says:

    Hi Jim & Esther,

    I was sorry to hear about the passing of your brother Sam. Please accept our love and prayers during this season. I know that you loved and respected your brother highly as you often spoke of him in those terms. Your continual love and prayers and faith for him during his difficult final journey are a testament to your character and love for both the Lord and Sam.

    Yours in Christ,

    davie & christiana

  32. Lana Clausen says:

    Oh! I am so sorry for your loss. May his sons, and those whose lives he touched, produce “much fruit” from his example and devotion to the Lord Jesus (…unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it produces much fruit…John 12:24).
    Lana Clausen
    Shiloh Christian Fellowship
    Oakland, CA

  33. Clara Sloan says:

    Dear Jim,

    Praise God for the joy He gives us when a loved one is set free from the pain and restrictions that they have suffered here on earth.

    God blessed me with the peace that passes all understanding when Bob was released into the arms of Jesus.

    I will pray for you and your family and I know God will keep you in perfect peace because your hearts are stayed on Him


  34. Andres and Kelly Spyker says:

    Hi Jim,

    We are so sorry to hear about Sam. We are praying for you and family that he leaves behind. I can’t imagine losing my brother. It must be very tough. God is with you guys and this is part of His perfect leadership at work in your lives.

    We know Sam is with God and God is with you. Receive a big hug from México.


    Andrés and Kelly Spyker

  35. Cousin Lisa says:


    Aunt Clara called Mom yesterday afternoon. The first thing I said to Tim was, “he is perfect now”…no more pain, sickness, weakness, etc. What a glorious time he must be having with your sweet Dad.

    Thinking of you all. Know that we love you and are praying for you.


  36. Becky and Warren says:

    Dear Jim and Dear Aunt Clara, Linda and your children, as well as the entire Ost Family:

    What does one say at a moment like this? It’s so filled with complex emotions.

    First, my heart goes out to you in the temporary loss of Sam. I can only imagine how hard it was to say good-bye. My heart feels a small piece of your sadness and pain. Yet, what joy in knowing that he is free at last. To know that he is in the arms of the Saviour and embracing John I’m sure. What laughter and peace he must be experiencing now, to know that it was worth it all.

    Please know that we are praying for your strength and comfort. That God would provide a peace beyond understanding, and the comfort of knowing that you will see Sam again, and in that moment will rejoice as a family for God’s wonderful gift.

    With Much Love,
    Becky (cousin Riveness) and Warren

  37. Robbie and Pat Evans says:

    Dear Jim,

    All of you are very much in our prayers and in our thoughts…I was just praying for all of you this morning, especially thinking of Sam`s wife and kids….although I know it is very difficult for all of you…..

    I lost my brother ten years ago and I know how very deep it can hurt…..I pray for your mother, may the Lord comfort her with His love and presence… is so true, though, what you said Jim, Sam really has found pure joy now in the presence of the Lord and I do believe he and your dad are rejoicing together where there will be no more tears. We love you….

    Robbie and Pat Evans

  38. Domingo Morales Family says:


    May God bless your family and you through these difficult times. I will always remember Sam as a great, energetic, vibrant person full of enthusiasm. He was always good to my family and me. He always showed interest in us through sports (basketball). However, we know we will see him someday.

    God Bless Ya’ll
    Mingo Morales & Family

  39. Tim and Shelley Sloan says:


    Our thoughts are with you and your family, and we are praying for you.

    We are glad to know that Sam has “slipped the surly bonds of Earth, to touch the face of God.”

    Tim and Shelley Sloan

  40. Laurence Egle says:

    Hi Jim,

    One day we’ll all be playing Risk together in Heaven!

    Although I haven’t seen Sam in many years, I have so many good memories of when we all played together as kids.

    As you may know, you and Sam were the only kids we were able to spend the night with. I really enjoyed heading over to your house in Alamo and all the games we played. Or the hide and seek we would play after church at Iglesia Biblica.

    I seem to remember that Sam was really the leader in what the games were and who the teams would be! He would just smile and cajole and that was that! My mom reminds me that I would comment that I really enjoyed eating at the dinner table with your family because everyone talked and laughed freely, in contrast to the more strict and formal dinners at my house.

    So my sympathy is extended to you regarding the losses you’ve suffered with the passing of your Dad and now your brother Sam. Like I told you in the past year or so, you and Sam were like cousins to me growing up. Please extend my condolences to your family as well.

    Kindest regards,
    Laurence Egle

  41. Elyse Fitzpatrick says:


    I am so sorry for your loss, but rejoicing that Sam is finally free to worship His Savior. I remember Sam’s love for the Lord and kind heart. Please send my deepest condolences to your family. I am,

    Under the Mercy with You,


  42. Bill Rahn says:

    II knew Sam for two short years at Judson. I roomed with Sam and Bosco for a semester during his junior year and that was a great and memorable experience for me.
    God gifted Sam greatly, whether it’s intellectually, musically or athletically. He also chose to test Sam physically over the last ten years and by all accounts Sam passed that test as well.
    I emailed Sam several years ago after learning that he was dealing with MS. He responded to the email and encouraged me more than you can imagine. As I read the email, I could hear his voice and spirit coming from the words.
    Our loss is heaven’s gain and I’m thankful that Sam is no longer encumbered by physical limitations. Your family will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

    Bill Rahn

  43. Kathy Clegg says:


    I am so sorry for your loss. Even though we do not grieve as the world, we still miss the ones we love when they go to be with the Lord. This has been a tough year for you and all your family. We will be praying for you all.


  44. Oscar y Lupita Camas says:

    Nos unimos para orar por la paz de Dios en este tiempo en toda la familia, por favor dadle nuestro mas sentido pesame a LInda y sus hijos y a vostros todo nuestro cariño , y abarzo a tu mamá por favor
    Animo y estamos con ustedes, Jim
    Oscar y Lupita

  45. Luis Luftop says:

    After attending the memorial services for Sam I feel like I have better perspective and can now compose some thoughts. First of all, I was so glad to make the services – these were true celebrations of Sam’s life and the contributions he made while here.

    It was so good to hear Jim honor Linda – the selfless committment and sacrifice she made over the past years. God bless you Linda, Nathan and Joel – you guys will continue to be in my prayers.

    As my mom mentioned earlier, Sam, and the Ost Family as a whole, really showed me a godly family that truly honored God – but at the same time knew how to have a good time. There was never any hypocritical religious stuff with Sam.

    As we played trumpet together at Good Shepherd school and special Easter and Christmas cantatas, I lived in Sam’s shadow. But I didn’t mind at all – Sam was such a gracious man that I didn’t mind playing second fiddle (or in this case, 2nd trumpet) to him.

    Back in 1990, he and I would occasionally meet at the chinese buffet for lunch – just to hang out and talk – I left these lunches way more encouraged and optimistic than Sam likely ever knew.

    Finally, I remember when I met Sam and Jim in San Antonio for Promise Keepers a few years ago. Sam was having some difficulty getting around the Alamodome with his walker, so we somehow convinced him to use a wheelchair. He resisted at first, but that wheelchair got us some primo seats and carte blanche while fighting through the crowds. We laughed about that.

    Besides all the great praise, teaching, etc. that we got though, I came away with something from Sam that I still use today.

    I was going to drive back home late after the events ended and I was dreading that night drive since I’m a terrible night driver. Well, Sam passed along a tip that I still use. Sunflower seeds. Somehow, munching on sunflower seeds while driving kept my mind preoccupied enough to where the 3 hour night drive was a breeze.

    I spoke to Sam soon after and told him I was amazed the sunflower trick worked, and he just laughed and said “I told you!” That was great.

    We all love you Sam…and we all miss you. You’re in a better place, and for all of us that love you, that will have to be good enough for now.

    Your friend,
    Luis Luftop

  46. Joanna Johnson says:

    Dear Family, (Linda, Joel, Nathan, Aunty Clara, Jim, Debbie, Stephanie)
    Words are not enough to express all the emotions that I’m experiencing. Sam was the oldest cousin (of us in Tx) and I remember always being excited to know that he was coming home or that there was a family event being planned. He made the family times fun — magic shows, walking the track, Christmas, playing games, eating at his house, making up games, asking about “boys”… He impacted my life, as many have said, more than he probably ever knew. (maybe he does now)I am thankful that he is now free but sad for our loss, your loss, we truly have lost something very precious. I do look forward to seeing him, Uncle John and all our other family and friends who’ve gone on to be with Jesus but it’s the interval that is hard. We, You have the more difficult road to travel day by day. You are all in my prayers and thoughts. Thankfully we are not alone, for He (our God) walks with us and carries us even when we can’t see it. I am praying for His peace and grace to surround each one of you. I love you.
    Jana, aka Juana la Cubana

  47. Clara Ost says:

    “For this boy I prayed and the Lord has given me the petition I have asked of Him. So I have dedicated him to the Lord. As long as he lives he is dedicated to the Lord.”
    – 1 Samuel 1:27-28

    Some random thoughts from Mom:

    Sam was our first baby and how we rejoiced when he was born. He learned to do everything early, and I remember reading him the story of Samuel from the Bible. We had this exchange often: “Samuel, Samuel,” I would say, and he would answer, “Hear I am; speak Lord!”

    Sam loved going to church, and at the close of services he would often take it upon himself to invite someone over for fellowship, even when he was a little boy!

    Sam was always responsible to watch out for his siblings. I knew the children were safe is Sam was with them.

    He was always the diplomat, even with his mom. When I tried a new recipe for dinner and asked him how he liked it, he would answer, “I was delicious, Mom, but don’t make it again.”

    When shopping for jeans one day, he commented, “Let’s just buy jeans at Penny’s; I don’t need name-brand stuff; who knows what kind of guy Calvin Klein is anyway, why do I want his name on my jeans?”

    At Christmas he and I enjoyed fruicake; no one else in the family would eat that treat.

    When I returned to nursing school at 54, he applauded my decision: “You can do it, Mom, and I’ll help.” Sam oftened tutored me long into the night before tests, teaching me rhymes to help me remember anatomy, and he was there to celebrate when I passed.

    During his college years, when he knew I was alone with the family during one of John’s preaching trips, he would call to make sure I was all right.

    I could always count on Sam to be there with calmness and a plan no matter what the crisis. His comment was always, “We can do this and we can do it better.”

    Sam was a family man. He loved Linda and was a great Dad. Holiday celebrations with the extended family were one of his favorite events.

    I miss Sam. Sam loved life. Today he is enjoying eternal life, and I can’t wait to see him.

  48. Samara Roman says:

    I’ve cried for days. I felt my heart breaking with sadness. When Hno. Juanito went to be with Jesus, I felt a piece of my heart was chipped, even though I know that he stands and rejoices in the presence of Jesus Himself. And now, my heart aches with you because of Sam’s departure with the Lord.

    I didn’t email earlier or call because I felt so crushed with the news. I wanted to be strong for you guys. God knows how we prayed for Sam’s healing during all these years. I asked last week Sunday, “but why Lord?…” Then Juan Carlos reminded me that God is God, and He chose to take him. As I listened to the funeral service on-line, I was reminded that Sam is so much better now. He is alive and well with Jesus. It’s just that it’s hard to let someone you love go. In my case, it was particularly painful because I hadn’t seen Sam in 2 years. Even though I’ve spoken to Linda, I hadn’t personally been able to visit with Sam or speak to him and tell him how much we loved him and how he was a constant thought and prayer for us. It has been this thought that pains me most. I may not be Ost but I love your family so much that it feels like my own.

    I send you a HUGE hug and kisses. Know that we will continue praying for your family. If you guys need anything, please call or email.

    Lovingly, Samara

  49. Tom and Sandy Dearmin says:

    Tom and I were out of the country on a long awaited vacation when we heard about Sam. We arrived home yesterday, and have been going through mail and emails.

    We rejoice with Sam that his suffering is over, but we deeply sympathize with his family and loved ones for the pain of his absence. Whenever I think of Sam, I remember playing ping-pong with him at our church camp all those years ago, and what fun we had.

    Thank you for your emails and all the trouble you go to keep old friends informed.

    Our love and prayers,
    Tom & Sandy Dearmin

  50. One of my first memories is of Sam and Linda’s wedding. I was around five. Naturally, I don’t remember it very clearly, but I remember them at the front of the church saying their vows and then walking back together. It has never ceased to amaze me how faithful they have both been to those vows.
    Sam was the best big cousin anyone could ask for. I don’t remember him ever getting impatient with us, and there was plenty to be impatient with. He was an incredible youth leader. I remember Scripture Splash where all we did was read scripture dramatically out loud. He taught me then that the Bible is to be enjoyed and loved. He loved to invite everyone over to play games always making up his own “house rules.” He told jokes continually and always enjoyed hearing a new one.
    Of course I remember when he got sick. Sam having MS was the greatest challenge to my faith I have ever had. And I know that if Sam or the Ost family had faltered in their faith and lost it, I would have too. He was a constant example of being content in any and every circumstance. I struggled with his being sick for years, really up until his passing. I remember many times when all I could do was cry and ask God why. But Sam continued to be an example. He still told jokes, he still wanted to spend as much quality time with family as possible, he played his trumpet as long as he could, he was at my wedding.
    God has given Sam the perfect healing and taught everyone else about loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.
    Today all I can do is cry for our loss, for Linda and Joel and Nathan’s loss. But, I can rejoice as well, praise God.

  51. Dave Meyer says:

    We have been praying for the entire Ost Family in this trying time. The few times I had the privilege of being around Sam were all good memories. May the joy of the Lord be your strength for the upcoming days.

    While a lot of the grieving process has been gone through in the past ten years, be sure to stay in close touch with Linda and know that she will have some down days. All of you are going to for that matter; because of the double hit of your Dad and Sam’s passing being so close together.

    In Christ,


  52. Tim Skoglund says:

    Sam was a guy I admired starting with my memory of him in WOG (Warriors of God youth program at People’s Chapel) where we memorized scripture, competed in Bible drills, and played capture the flag. The years at Good Shepherd Christian School only built on that admiration – he was the guy you wanted to be like.

    I was further down the line from Louis Luftop in the trumpet section that Sam lead, but Sam loved fun too much for me to count on him to stop Louis from giving me wet willies or yanking on my ear lobes during band practice. To be a newcomer to Sam’s version of Risk was to feel like playing a game with Calvin and Hobbs. I’ll admit to being frustrated after losing several armies because of an “Ost Modification” that Sam had not yet disclosed, but the fun he injected into the game made it well worth the exasperation suffered.

    I always felt I got much more encouragement from Sam than I left with him. That sense was never stronger than during a visit when he picked me up with encouragement and prayer for my mother’s healing despite being in the middle of his own struggle with illness. His encouragement and joy always seemed to be a natural outflow of his identity rather than a deliberate choice, and he exuded faith and hope even after his ability to speak was gone.

    Sam once taught me his method for reading the Psalms through in a month. Listening to him read them, I realized that Sam was definitely a Psalms kind of guy, and if the canon of the Psalms was still open, Sam would have written many chapters, no doubt.

    Perhaps the biggest tribute to Sam is that just being around him motivated me to want a deeper relationship with Jesus.

  53. Betsy Wolfe Stemple says:

    My heartfelt prayers go to Sam’s family…
    I knew Sam in college, mostly thru choir, tho the campus was small, and we all ran into each other all the time. Even back then, it was easy to see that Sam was a good man. He was one of those quiet ones who, at just the right moment, could come up with a one-line phrase that either profoundly said it all, or got you you laughing. Years later he and I corresponded regarding his MS. I was attempting to encourage him, when he ended up being the encourager. He showed not one hint of self-pity or negative attitude, but trusted God to sort out whatever His intentions were. He so appreciated any token of care or contact. Sam was a joy to have on ministry tours with the choir, as well as playing the coronet for the Blues Brothers Band during and after college. I didn’t get to see him all the time, but felt his loss immediatly upon hearing the news. I’m so glad that we all get to see him again.

  54. Craig Nelson says:

    I was in the computer program at Judson with Sam. Sam was a wonderful, positive force on our campus and especially within the computer department.

    I was a Resident Assistant (dorm monitor) at Judson. I can tell you that the corner of the dorm shared by Sam and Joe was one that was always characterized by laughter and fun, powered by a desire by those guys to know God in an even more intimate way.

    I am truly sorry for your loss and for the hard path you have had to travel. I am comforted in knowing that you will have memories of a strong, Godly, wonderful man to carry forward with you out of this time.

    My family will pray for peace, comfort and strength for you.

    In His Love,


  55. Catherine (Cathy Smoot) Pratt says:

    I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. I knew Sam at Judson long ago. We played in the brass ensemble and sang in the choir together.
    He was one of those cool guys who made you feel special as he included you in simple things. I remember that he was noticably kind to some who were rejected by others. I remember him laughing in the hallway downstairs in the chapel. I remember him buying running shoes on a choir trip. We didn’t hang out or anything, but (probably because we both played the cornet) I remember that we were casual friends.

    I recently thought about Sam because I just moved to Texas with my new husband to work in ministry. I wondered if Sam still lived in Texas and what he was up to. I’m thankful to know that he was one of the called who helped lead young people into the kingdom, that he was a loving husband and father, and that he was so loved by many, many others.

    I’m sorry to hear about how he suffered, but encouraged to hear how he loved Jesus. I’m sorry for your loss; I lost my sister this summer, and it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced.

    May you know peace and healing, and may you be filled with hope in the One who created you for good purposes–His glory and your good–the One who loves you so deeply.

    Catherine (Cathy) Smoot Pratt

  56. Bill Compton says:

    Hi Jim. Photos i received. Thanks

  57. […] Here is his tribute page, here are my remarks at his funeral, and here is a link to all the multimedia from that day. […]

  58. […] from 5 pm to 8 pm, Tuesday, September 26, at Baptist Temple, 2001 Trenton Road, McAllen, Texas. “Texas Real Estate Slump Lets Mexicans Take It Back” at Politics/Government Forum… earlier […]

  59. steve french says:


  60. Joe Gerlicki says:

    SAM, you, tim & i were best friends from 3rd – 7th grade and the 3 of us always stayed in touch. I miss you & think of you often. Although i know you’re fine I pray that your family and the people that miss you stay strong keeping theiir faith in the Lord up until that day we’re all reunited. THE 3 OF US WILL TAKE ON ALL OF YOU

  61. […] Sam Ost is Running Again Word to the Wise Posted by root 21 hours ago ( Jeff yoder says september 30 2006 at 10 15 am reply his comment was always we can do this and we can do it better by laughter and fun powered by a desire by those guys to know god in an even more intimate way mcallen texas http jimost wordpress com 2006 0 Discuss  |  Bury |  News | sam ost is running again word to the wise […]

  62. Joe Gerlicki says:

    Happy Birthday Sam. Love you brother.


  63. joe gerlicki says:

    Happy Birthday Brother

  64. joe gerlicki says:

    Happy B Day Sammy. Miss You

  65. sureshraman says:


    […]Sam Ost is Running Again! « Word to the Wise[…]…

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