Do Good Fences Really Make Good Neighbors?

Mexican border WallToday, President Bush signed the bill authorizing the building of 700 miles of a double-fence, fifteen-feet high between Mexico and the US.  I know this will make many Republicans happy and will enflame Mexicans, once again, against our government.  I have mixed feelings about this fence.What I know is that our border with Mexico is a joke right now.  Millions of people come and go with impunity, and I’m sure many Arabs from the Middle East are among them.  I have already blogged my thoughts on immigration in general, but now that this wall (knock on wood) will be a reality, will it stop illegal immigration, and will it make wealthy Mexicans angry enough to boycott businesses on the border of Texas?

I think fewer illegal immigrants will get across once the wall is built, and I don’t think wealthy Mexicans will punish us.  Why?  Because their own government punishes them much more than this perceived offense by the dreaded yankee.  And furthermore, Mexico’s laws against illegal immigrants that come across their southern border are much more severe and punitive than ours, so much hypocrisy is at play here.

 My verdict:  This will cause bad public relations with Mexico, is a good  start on securing our border, but much more must be done to streamline the legal process for Mexicans who obey the law (my wife and I were treated like animals at the American consulate in Cd. Juarez), and we MUST punish businesses who employ illegal aliens. 

 What do you think?


5 Responses to Do Good Fences Really Make Good Neighbors?

  1. RubeRad says:

    I think you are 100% right — the legal process must be streamlined, and we MUST punish American businesses who employ illegal aliens. Step 1, an attempt to curb the supply, is in process, Step 2 (enforcement stateside) must follow to eliminate the demand for ILLEGAL labor. As the crackdown decreases the demand for ILLEGAL labor, and increases the demand for LEGAL labor, that will provide an incentive to streamline the process to obtain legal labor. However, we can’t wait until step 2 is finished to start step 3, because then it will be too late, and our economy will be in big trouble due to shortage of labor. Step 3 must proceed immediately, so the legal process is ready to cope with the coming increased demand for legal labor.

  2. Just like Congressman Tancredo says: You can’t reform immigration without controlling illegal immigration, and right now it’s out of control.

  3. Well, here we go. Homeland security is in town this week offering folks who own land on the Rio Grande River federal money for their land, and reminding them that they can take it anyway.

    Here’s the weird part. They are only building 5 miles of double wall around each bridge between Brownsville and Laredo, leaving hundreds of miles of border without a wall. So what’s the point? That’s like saying, “I’m building a fence around my property, but I’ll be leaving 10-yard gaps in it.” Let me repeat myself: The government does not really care about illegal immigration, just symbolic acts.

    Property owners are furious, especially one in Roma, who has a nature preserve and bird-watching facility that brings thousands of birders every year to see rare, migrating birds. The wall will completely destroy his nature preserve and his bird-watching income. Ugh…

  4. Gregg says:

    My pastor had property the city wanted to build a bike path through. He had a large barn where he housed his boat and other stuff. They took part of his property, which prevents him from using his shed. The moral of the story? Government hates stealing because they do not like competition.

    And Albino, you are right about the government only interested in symbolic acts. Crime prevention is based on preceived risk. For example, there is not research showing police doing routine patrols deters crime. But every department does it because the public expects it- it makes them feel better. Even though they are still as likely to be a victim of a crime.

    Albino, as long as the US is so much better off economically then Mexico, we will have illegal immigration.


  5. Bruce S. says:


    Maybe he can make some money by setting up towers where his customers can watch migrating Mexicans.

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