Cannonball Baptism

This kid gives us the best visual argument I’ve ever seen for “sprinkling”.


7 Responses to Cannonball Baptism

  1. Albino Hayford says:

    I thought the Pastor handled this very well. I probably would have held the kid under for 2 minutes! But anyway, they won $3,000 with this video on “America’s Funniest Home Videos”.

  2. Jim and Martha Towner says:

    Dear Jim,

    Our kids, 8 and 11, here at home, enjoyed the splashy baptism. The pastor got a second baptism, by “sprinkling” it looks like, in case if after 25 years his first immersion wasn’t sufficient for the sprinklers only. We do river baptisms, so it would be considerably harder to cannonball though possible when the tide is in as it is a tidal river. I wouldn’t put it past Johnny to give it a try. The kids are seeing your name in this email and say, “Hey, isn`t Daddy ‘James Ost’?” Yes he is also! He is JAMES Frederick OST Towner. His parents gave him that middle name after his mother’s maiden one so in a way you share names.

    I also looked into the “SBC” not allowing for tongue speaking missionaries. gulp… because we are tongue speaking missionaries with the SBC, but it turns out to be a different one, (though maybe we were the first and rather an exception) S-oldotna B-ible C-hapel, in Soldotna, Alsaka where Jim is from. It is independent and usually takes its pastors from the Baptists.

    Blessings from Spain,
    Martha Towner, (and Johnny and Anne Carolyn)

  3. Nancy Hooper says:

    …kind of a mass-sprinkling event. Oh yes, that Pastor handled it with grace under water. Betcha the kid heard more about when he got home. Too funny!

  4. Jessica Morgan says:

    That was hilarious!!!

  5. Mallory says:

    This was soo funny i would really like to put this on my myspace page … is there any way that i can do that???

  6. Hi Mallory. Yes, there is. Go to myspace and they will explain to you how to embed video somewhere on the page. Then you simply past in the youtube information for the video

  7. Here is the link to the actual youtube footage:

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