Help Esther and Jim Tour Chicago and NYC

December 16, 2006

statue of liberty skylineStart spreading the news; Esther and Jim will be in Chicago and New York City this January!  Esther celebrates her 30th birthday on the 15th of January, and I wanted to do something really special this year to mark such a milestone.  Thanks to American Airlines  (both of us – round trip – $540 out of San Antonio), and the fact that a 2-day layover in Chicago caused no appreciable increase in ticket price, we will be leaving Rachel with her grandparents and winging our way north (Jan. 10-17).  But we need your help. Read the rest of this entry »


Behold: The 2006 Electric Car

December 14, 2006

carIn case any of you have been convinced by environmental concerns to switch to an electric car, you had better think again.  I’m afraid the latest design of an electric car, as tiny as a toy, and boasting speeds of only 55 mph, shows us that we have a long way to go before getting rid of our beloved combustible engines.  How would Lance squeeze his family of 6 into this buggy, and, more importantly, would Jesus drive this matchbox?

In Defense of the SUV

December 7, 2006

SUVI know it’s all the rage right now to attack those wicked, selfish SUV owners for “hogging the roads” and “choking the air” with their oversized gas-guzzling monstrosities.  Some have even suggested that Jesus would not drive an SUV.  Recently, my brother-in-law, wildlife photographer, hunter, and father of 4, answered the critics following his purchase of yet another Chevy Suburban.  I think his reasons for owning an SUV just might change your mind. Read the rest of this entry »