Hank Goes “Church Shopping”

King of the Hill ChurchSomebody linked me to this amusing clip from the comedy “King of the Hill” in which Hank gets offended when another family sits in his pew, and decides to go “church shopping”.  Aside from making me laugh, this clip provides us with an idea of how Hollywood views our churches.


9 Responses to Hank Goes “Church Shopping”

  1. danielbalc says:

    How Hollywood views our churches? Dude, that couldn’t possibly be more accurate. I know just about everybody on that clip. Is the guy that says, “you gotta be right with God to go to my church. it’s hard core” Echo?

  2. RubeRad says:

    Well, maybe not ‘your’ church in particular, but megachurches like Saddleback, Willow Creek, etc.

    Or have you provided Hawaiian and Country/Western worship “venues” as alternatives to your main congregational gathering?

  3. itsasecret says:

    Wait, Daniel… are you the guy who rips his shirt off and throws it on Hank?

  4. Matt S says:


    How did you come across that information on Saddlebck’s website? Are you on the “church growth” team at your church and looking for new ways to attract visitors? 🙂

  5. Danielbalc says:

    no way, our church is the one that they opened the door, heard the singing and turned around. As you may recall we even met in a building that looked like that, except yellow.

  6. A Lutheran church advertised “polka worship” in the paper today. I wonder how “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” will sound polka style? Should I save ya’ll some seats up front?

  7. Echo_ohcE says:


    Great clip. Very funny.


    Please tell me how I should interpret and respond to your comment. Should I think it’s funny, or serious? Why?


  8. Danielbalc says:


    it’s a joke dude, if you’ll notice I also poked fun at myself. And Secret joked on me too.

    “you’re not hard core, unless you live hard core, and the legend of echo was way hard core.”

  9. The character of the usher in the megachurch is loosely based on Matt. There, I think we’ve got everybody covered now.

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