Love, Rain and a Duck Tour in Portland

Johnson Family Wedding PhotoWe just returned from 4 days and 4 nights in Portland, Oregon, where we witnessed the marriage celebration of our cousin, Joanna Johnson and Navy Chaplain, Ensign Gregg Hazlett.  I have posted a LOT of video clips, as well as a slideshow of the wedding, and I have also included video of our 22-hour travel odyssey, as well as video of our tour of Portland in a “Duck” — an amphibious tour bus.  Enjoy…

Here are the videos, adding up to almost 60 minutes of footage.  I have no clips of the actual ceremony, because the lights were too dim to get a decent picture (the pics I did take are included in the slideshow), but I have included quite a few images of the activities before and after the wedding, as well as Nate’s musical practice sessions, and interviews with friends and family.  Once you have viewed the wedding-related videos, feel free to enjoy the footage of our 22-hour trip, Sunday morning worship at City Bible Church, our Duck Tour of Portland, and a potpurri of random video clips, including a tour of Joanna and Gregg’s condo.  If you would like to read Steve Johnson’s wedding sermon (in which he quoted the “Princess Bride”, “Casablanca” and ML King), simply right click here: DOWNLOAD WEDDING SERMON and select “save as” option.

Johnson Hazlett wedding party

The Wedding Rehearsal (including sweet images of Joanna and Steve practicing their walk down the aisle)

Wedding Day Photo Shoot

Nate Johnson’s Musical Practice Sessions (Nate “nailed” his performance during the ceremony, but too dark to tape).

Wedding Reception (cake cutting, toasts, signing of marriage license) Please don’t send any letters, only coffee and sparkling grape juice were imbibed. 🙂

Wedding Reception Interviews (including Lorne Fredlund, Gary Schmid, Ron and Marta Randall, Dale Nelson, Tim and Dave Omley, and a REVEALING visit with VERY eligible bachelorette, Becky Randall!

Wedding Picture Slideshow (all the photos taken before, during and after the wedding — don’t expect greatness here, folks!)

Random Video Clips (including an argument for living in the Northwest, a meeting with Daryl, a dentist in the family, my emotional affair with my satellite gps, who I named, Elenor, and a tour of Gregg and Joanna’s condo.)

Random Video Clips – Part 2 (for those of you who begged for Carl and Rita footage, and recently discovered clip of Mr. Hazlett commenting on the wedding ceremony and defending bald men everywhere).

Our 22-hour Travel Odyssey (with cute clips of Joseph and Rachel)

Portland’s “Duck Tour” (You’ve got to see this bus to believe it!)

Sunday Morning at City Bible Church (good sermon footage at the end)


5 Responses to Love, Rain and a Duck Tour in Portland

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for posting, Jim. It felt “almost” like I was there.

    Everyone looks like they had a fabulous time. Stephie & Debbie looked beautiful. But, I’m afraid the showstopper is little Joseph. He is completely adorable. Was he wearing a dress jacket? Love to the fam,


  2. Carmen Roman says:

    It was truly a blessing to view the video clippings of Joanna’s wedding in Oregon! Congratulations Joanna and may the Lord richly bless your marriage and you and your husbands ministry together! (Congratulations to Steve and Loraine too). It looks like the wedding was beautiful and all of you are wonderful people.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Your interview skills are highly lacking!

  4. Gregg says:

    That guy in uniform looks strikingly handsome. How can you resist a Navy Chaplain. They are dashing and humble!Man, is there anyway I can print that picture off this blog?

  5. I have finally uploaded video footage of the actual wedding ceremony, including Nate’s inspiring, soulful rendition of The Prayer of St. Francis.

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