A Tri-cultural Wedding in the Hills of Georgia


Ok, for the first time in Albino history, I am actually uploading video from the road, using an acer laptop.  I am sitting in a bed and breakfast in Toccoa, Georgia, where we are staying for two days to celebrate the wedding of my cousin, Becky, and her finace, Elias.  Check back throughout the weekend for fresh video uploads of wedding events.

The festivites took place Thursday evening at the Central Alliance Church in Mt. Airy, Georgia (about 90 miles north of Atlanta).  Elias is from Guatemala, and Becky is still representing for South Texas, so the rehearsal dinner featured tamales and tostadas, and the wedding dinner will involve some homemade Guatemalan dishes.  Another twist to the wedding is that 7 Nikki Rowe Warriors will be in attendance:  Perla, Mari Linda, Susan, Ben, Elizabeth, Becky and Alex.  Strange brew, to have so many McAllen Nikki Rowe High School alums in Georgia!

 I will upload the video as I take it.  The first uploads involve the rehearsal, and check back on Friday morning for a bonus clip of the latest Johnson grandbabies.  It is Saturday night, and I have now uploaded two clips of the wedding.  More to follow.

Becky and Rob’s Entrance and Wedding Sermon

Wedding Vows, Special Song, Recessional

Rehearsal Video Clips – 1

Rehearsal Video Clips – 2

Rehearsal Video Clips – 3

Wedding Slideshow — NEW!!!

Misc. Wedding Day Footage (including reception interviews) — NEW!!!

Rob and Kathy Grandbabies

Atlanta Tourist Video (including a GREAT street trumpet musician and the Coca-Cola Museum

Tour of Toccoa Falls — really impressive waterfall — with Steve and Loraine Johnson and Mom)


One Response to A Tri-cultural Wedding in the Hills of Georgia

  1. Kathy says:

    hey, Jim, thanks for all the footage you gave us not only in Toccoa but Leon, GTO. We are not worthy!

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