How Safe is Your City?

May 24, 2007

mapGlenn Beck has developed a disaster map, that details areas of the country that are most at risk for hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, terrorism, earthquakes, volcanoes and hippies.  Are you curious to see how safe your hometown is?

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One Year Ago This Month

May 18, 2007

Jim and DadI sat straight up in bed, jolted awake by the images I had just seen in a dream.  I looked over at the clock and saw that it was 4 am, the morning of May 8, 2006.  I had just seen Papa Ost, my grandfather, putting on his suit jacket and hat and hurrying off, on his way to a meeting.  Immediately after that image, I watched Uncle Roy and Aunt Louise, also moving quickly out a door. I heard Aunt Louise say, “He’s coming, Roy; let’s go!”  Then I awoke.  I knew immediately that Dad was going home to heaven that day.  Read the rest of this entry »

A Texas Roughneck Transformed by Jesus

May 18, 2007

Javier Ledezma“Jesus has changed me,” Jim, “I am a totally different person; I want to be baptized!” 
Javier Ledezma is a tall, muscular Texan who works on oil rigs as a roughneck.  He is a real cowboy at heart who is rarely without his cowboy hat and boots, and loves riding horses.  But this strong, tough man had met an enemy he couldn’t conquer:  drugs.  
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How to Survive a Graduation Ceremony

May 17, 2007

grad yawnHigh school graduation ceremonies will be in full swing this month in South Texas, and now that I am Senior Pastor, I no longer am obligated to suffer through the 6 or 7 graduation ceremonies a year that I attended as a longsuffering youth pastor. I did learn many tips and tricks over the years for surviving these tedious and painful commencements, however, and so, in the spirit of giving, I offer an article I wrote in 2004 full of tips for administrators, graduates and those sad wretches in the stands doomed to suffer in silence. Read the rest of this entry »

More Reasons to Hate Divorce

May 16, 2007

divorceThe Bible says that God hates divorce.  Like you, I know lots of divorced people, and children whose parents have divorced.  Divorce is UGLY, PAINFUL AND BRUTAL.  Rutgers University just released a study that shatters many myths about divorce, and it is a study worth reading. Read the rest of this entry »