More Reasons to Hate Divorce

divorceThe Bible says that God hates divorce.  Like you, I know lots of divorced people, and children whose parents have divorced.  Divorce is UGLY, PAINFUL AND BRUTAL.  Rutgers University just released a study that shatters many myths about divorce, and it is a study worth reading.

Although divorce, in some cases, is the only choice, many times the decision to get a divorce is made rashly, without considering the court costs, the ripping apart of children through custody fights, the loss of the house, the alienation of grandchildren from their grandparents, the psychological and emotional toll, and the long-term, life-long effects on all parties involved.  Instead, couples kid themselves with the many myths about divorce, such as “the kids will bounce back quickly” or “lessons I’ve learned will make my second marriage stronger.”

I have seen the damage and wreckage left in the wake of divorce, and I understand why God hates it.

If you have gone through a divorce or are children of divorce, Jesus forgives, heals and restores.  If you are thinking about getting a divorce, please reconsider.

Read the 10 Myths of Divorce that Rutgers shattered, and then come back and share your opinion. 

11 Responses to More Reasons to Hate Divorce

  1. Gregg says:

    So the reason God hates divorce is because it has such a negative impact on the people involved?

  2. God specifically mentions breaking faith as the reason He hates it. I’m giving you many more reasons to hate it.

  3. RubeRad says:

    Thanks for that link Albino — and three cheers for Rutgers, my alma mama!

  4. Gregg says:

    Why are you saying it has to be the breaking faith? God defines one of the reasons for marriage just before the guarding your spirit. One reason for marriage is He wants Godly offspring. Interestingly enough this has been the position of the church for nearly 2,000 years. The breaking of the “oneness” (Most popularly endorsed from Crabb- Marriage Builders) is a new phenomena in the doctrine of marriage.

    I think the more problematic issue for divorce (and what God hates) is why He allowed Moses to authorize it. Because of the hardness of their hearts? Hardness of heart affects countless other issues too. Why the special dispensation for divorce? It is akin to giving junkies clean needles. “Hey they’re going do it anyways, I might as well keep it clean” Says God? No, there is more to it. You understand that question and we will be on the right track for understanding what Malachi is saying.

    By the way I leave Saturday morning for several months and will not be near a computer. So if you want to, in your ingorance, attempt to respond to this deep and brilliant post do it quickly, if not it has been a pleasure interacting with y’all. Fair winds and following seas!

  5. 5najeras says:

    I personally would never get a divorce. It’s not because of the covenant I made with Alex. It’s easy to break a covenant with a person. When we got married we with made a covenant with each other and with God. I would never break a covenant with the man upstairs! No way. 🙂 Good post.

  6. Godspeed, Gregg. We will miss you in the blogosphere.

    I said that God hates divorce because it is “breaking faith” because that’s what He says in Malachi. Read it again carefully.

  7. jexe says:

    Unfortunately, one person in the marriage can make that choice whether the other agrees or not. One person can refuse counseling and other helpful options when face with trouble. One person can just run off in adultery leaving the other in a world of loneliness and pain. Like 5najeras above noted that she would never break the covenant I would never do the same but my wife had no problem with doing it as long as she felt she might be happier elsewhere. Unfortunately this is what can happen.

  8. Your point is well taken, jexe. Another victim is the sometimes “innocent” partner in a marriage. Divorce is devastating for that person as well. That’s another reason “God hates divorce”.

    Jesus can heal hearts and restore joy, though. The Bible says that God “is close to the broken-hearted”.

  9. jdHpness says:

    If your wife cheated on you with another woman and she filed for divorce… the husband was devisated, had his children taken from him because of the Family Court System – doesn’t give catholics a choice in the matter.

    Is the husband still a sinner?

  10. Steve says:

    The problem for me is not always the question of whether we should get divorced but whether we should have got married. After 20 years of obvious obvious obvious incompatibility the prospect of another 20 years seems an intolerable punishment to bear for a naive and ill-informed decision at an age where I had no idea what I was doing. Banging on hard about the evils of separation/divorce isn’t as black and white as we would like. And more often than not the people who are least able to advise are those in my church who pushed us together in the first place. Staying in a marriage to please others and to avoid the stigma seems a pretty rough deal to me.

  11. My Ex says:

    i love my ex and i have told him that before. even when we r still over. and i really want to get back together but he has a girlfriend. and all i can talk about is how much i love him and i still flirt with him..

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