How Safe is Your City?

mapGlenn Beck has developed a disaster map, that details areas of the country that are most at risk for hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, terrorism, earthquakes, volcanoes and hippies.  Are you curious to see how safe your hometown is?

I checked McAllen, Texas, and it looks like the only disaster that could befall us is the random hurricane, blasting up the Rio Grande River through the Gulf of Mexico.

To see where your city ranks take a look at Glenn Beck’s Interactive Disaster Map and find your level of danger.

But before you panic, remember that the most secure place to be is in the center of the will of Almighty God.  The Bible says,

God is my refuge and strength, a very present help in time of trouble. Therefore I will not fear though the earth be removed and cast into the depths of the sea.

Disaster maps might be fun, Glenn, but only Almighty God can save us.

13 Responses to How Safe is Your City?

  1. danielbalc says:

    In Poway CA we are in “danger” of just about everything except tornadoes and hurricanes. Having been through the 03 fires up close and personal that fear has been conquered. I usually sleep through earthquakes. I’m a little worried about the two dudes I schooled in B-Ball at the gym yesterday because they were wearing turbans on their heads so that makes terrorism a real threat. And Hippies? well I’m related to enough hippies that I think they would protect me.

  2. Pablo Honey says:

    Beck seems to ignore the fact that in Southern California we also have Jack Bauer, which effectively neutralizes the threat of terrorism.

  3. danielbalc says:

    I watched a film last night staring “jack” a long time ago where he fought off what could be considered “terrorists” in France. Name that movie…

  4. Matt S says:

    Three Mustkateers….

    I am moving to northern Minnesota.

  5. danielbalc says:

    Nailed it Matt,

    “lets make it aalll for one; And on for allllllllllllllllllllllllll.”

    Hmm the sweet sounds of Sting, Rod Stewart and ?

  6. RubeRad says:

    I am moving to northern Minnesota.

    The map fails to properly show risk of death by frostbite…

  7. My mom is from Karlstad, a small town in Northern Minnesota (30 miles from Canadian border). There are times when the temperature does not get above zero for weeks at a time. Mom remembers a blizzard one year on Mothers’ Day! Um, no thanks, I’ll take the hippies and earthquakes.

  8. Matt S says:

    Eastern Oregon could be nice.

  9. Echo_ohcE says:

    And I will opt for Wisconsin, outside of Milwaukee. I’ve always been a big fan of cheese, beer and staying alive. Turns out there’s a place where all those things come together. I’m in.

    In SoCal, the only thing that scares me is these killer bees.

    One day, I’m driving to class, and I saw a huge, huge swarm of them in the road, hovering in the road. There was a tree near the road there, and so I can only guess that they had a hive in the tree, and maybe a truck came by and disturbed them or something. Anyway, when I drove through the swarm, it was disgusting. It was like popcorn. I must have killed thousands of ’em.

    But what scares me about that is thinking: thank God I had my windows closed!

    But I guess that only proves Albino’s point. We’re in God’s hands.


  10. danielbalc says:

    Echo, you’ve been watching “My Girl” too much. Bee’s aren’t worth being frightened over, rain is. Have you tried driving on the freeways after a quarter inch of rain? Now THAT’S scary.

  11. Echo_ohcE says:

    Africanized Killer Bees can kill you, that’s why they have that name.

    Rain is not scary, only irritating to drive in. Irritating because harder to see and because people don’t know how to drive in the rain, especially around here. Irritating. But not scary.

  12. itsasecret2u says:

    Oh man! We’re right in the disaster zone here in So Cal! I definitely feel the “hippie threat” every time I visit my dad’s house.

  13. Laura says:

    How exactly are hippies a threat? To a native Southern Californian?

    Oh, because they are “tree-huggers”, right? Left-wing fanatics without the fear of God in them?

    Oh, rain is scary around here PRECISELY because of the way our drivers drive in it – so technically, it’s not the rain that is scary, but people who don’t know how to drive in the rain (wow, it is so difficult to use precise language sometimes! :0)

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