10 Internet Gifts for My Loyal Readers

June 30, 2007

giftWould you like to make noise-canceling headphones for 20 bucks?  Have you always wanted to know how to get a stuffed animal for your girlfriend out of those claw and crane machines? Would you like to know how to film cheap underwater video of your kids in the pool this summer, or how to build your own hot tub for $35 using a kiddie pool and coffee maker?  Are you intrigued by three rednecks singing opera?  Then these internet gifts are for you. Read the rest of this entry »


Apostle Paul Rejection Letter

June 25, 2007



To: Rabbi Paul of Tarsus
First Christian Church
Antioch, Syria


Dear Mr. Paul: I have your application for missionary appointment before me, and will be as frank as possible concerning your qualifications as a foreign missionary. We have to be very careful in choosing our missionaries, and our Missions Board has reviewed your case thoroughly. We have decided that it would be unwise to send you to the foreign field for the following reasons: Read the rest of this entry »

Car Phone Salesman Sings Opera

June 19, 2007

Paul PottsWOW!  A dumpy Brit with bad teeth showed up on “Britain’s Got Talent“, sang like an angel, and now will be performing for the Queen.  Simon Cowell was speechless.  There are so many lessons here, I don’t even know which one to choose, but perhaps you should watch this amazing video first before reading on.  Read the rest of this entry »

Apostolic Envy

June 18, 2007

angry preacherA couple of years ago, Steve Johnson asked to meet with our church staff to help hammer out a response to several pastors in our group who were experiencing what can only be described as “Apostolic envy”.  Since other organizations have begun handing out the title of “apostle” to their pastors, the pastors in our fellowship wondered why our group did not use the title as well.

So, after calling several friends in the ministry and taking good notes, we met at the Casa del Taco for breakfast to brainstorm the use of the title “apostle”.  Since this topic has come up in emails to me several times over the last few weeks, I thought my notes from our breakfast meeting would be helpful. Read the rest of this entry »

100 Words Every Graduate Should Know

June 6, 2007

100 words every graduate should knowIn the spirit of graduation season, the editors of American Heritage Dictionaries have put together a list of the 100 words every high school graduate and their parents should know.  These words are a benchmark against which all graduates can measure whether they really have a superior command of the language. 

I knew 89 of the 100.  Keep reading to see which words I didn’t know, and how many you know.

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