10 Internet Gifts for My Loyal Readers

giftWould you like to make noise-canceling headphones for 20 bucks?  Have you always wanted to know how to get a stuffed animal for your girlfriend out of those claw and crane machines? Would you like to know how to film cheap underwater video of your kids in the pool this summer, or how to build your own hot tub for $35 using a kiddie pool and coffee maker?  Are you intrigued by three rednecks singing opera?  Then these internet gifts are for you.

How to make your own noise-canceling headset  for around 20 bucks

How to insert yourself into any video via green screen effects just like the pros

How to build your own video camera housing to take underwater video of your children this summer.

How to build your own giant whiteboard on a budget

Very entertaining debate mp3 audio over whether our war in Iraq is a “just” war according to Biblical principles.

This is just too good:  Redneck Tenors from “America’s Got Talent”

Premier bed and breakfast in the heart of beautiful Texas Hill Country  right on the Guadalupe River has a deal for pastors and missionaries:  Two nights free and 2 more nights at half-price.  And if you are a missionary actually living in another country, all four nights are free.  They feature fishing, tubing, free golf at a beautiful course, hiking, and a free breakfast.

Free mp3 audio  from the 2007 National New Church Conference featuring Bill Hybels, Wayne Cordeiro, and lots of workshops

How would you like to build a hot tub in your back yard using a kiddie pool and coffee maker for $35?  Ok, that’s kind of crazy, but if you have $1,200 laying around and you are really handy, you could build this one with spare parts.  Or, for only $800, you could just use this portable, air-filled jacuzzi.

Stop the frustration and get a stuffed animal out of those crane and claw machines.

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