While a Moon Jump is Still Magical…

moon jumpI preached at a quinceñera Friday night, a 15th birthday party that is a Mexican tradition, and it was quite the affair.  Brand new dresses on all the young ladies accompanying the birthday girl, 9 young guys in suits escorting them, the church decorated elegantly, and a stretch hummer waiting outside to take the quinceañera to an even more elaborate reception.  But my daughter, Rachel, was not happy.

Rachel looked up at me at the reception, and asked, “Daddy, where are the moon jump and the piñata? And where’s my goody bag?” 

Just the week before, we had her 3rd birthday party at the house, and over 50 friends and family came to enjoy the sandwiches, chips, lemonade, and the HUGE castle moon jump that filled our backyard.  Rachel was in heaven the whole evening, which culminated with the requisite pounding of the Dora piñata that her Grandpa had hung over a tree.

Now, in the middle of a beautiful and regal reception, I looked down into the eyes of my little girl.  “No, honey,” I said, “This is a party for a big girl, so there is no moon jump and no piñata.”  Rachel answered back, her voice filled with disappointment, “I don’t want to be a big girl, then, Daddy.”

And you know what?  I don’t want her to either.

Here are some clips of Rachel’s party

Here are some slides from Rachel’s party

Here are some clips from Karina’s Quinceañera


7 Responses to While a Moon Jump is Still Magical…

  1. 5najeras says:

    I think Rachel has life in perspective. What can be better than some fun and a goody bag? She is soooo adorable by the way!!

  2. flopitlikeitswarm says:

    Funny that you told her, “They dont have them at big girl’s parties”… haha… Because at my HIGH SCHOOL Graduation Party… we had about 200 people… and I had a MOON JUMP! And it was awesome! Now granted my father thought I was crazy for wanting one, but those things are so much fun! 🙂
    She is so adorable! haha… I agree with 5najeras… what a great perspective! 🙂

  3. amyleesspace says:

    She is ADORABLE!! I think getting those jumpy thingys for Bday parties (especially for younger children) is the BEST idea! You don’t have to have any other form of entertainment the kids just want to jump the whole time!

  4. Brad says:

    She’s a cutie pie, Albino

  5. itsasecret2u says:

    Those things terrified me when I was a kid.

  6. deborah says:

    Rachel is the cutest girl ever. She looks just exactly like her Auntie Debbie : )

  7. You should have come early to see Daddy jumping in the moon jump with Rachel. I forgot how hard it is to stand up in that thing, so 30 seconds of jumping and I’d be on my behind with Rachel jumping on me…ouch…

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