Albino On the Evening News

televisionAlthough a semi-frequent guest on Christian television, every once in a while, Albino makes an appearance on the local news.  Last week I slid into the Hispanic Pastors’ Alliance meeting late (I know what you’re thinking, but I represent my church at these meetings) and casually dressed.  I almost always wear a suit (reflects that you believe the monthly meeting is important), but this time I figured, “It’s summer and I’m hot, so I’m going in a pair of slacks and a polo shirt.”  When I arrived, I opened the door to discover three local mayors, three police chiefs, and a television crew from Telemundo all staring at a very large, casually-dressed Anglo with his mouth agape.

Josefina, the public relations director for the Alliance, led me to a table in the front and sat me directly across from the McAllen Chief of Police.  “Hello, Chief,” I said, “You’ll be happy to know I helped pay for that new police station this week by getting a seat belt ticket.”

As it happens, this was a July 4 week special recognition and honoring of our local city leaders by the Hispanic Pastors’ Alliance.  I had neglected to read the invitiation letter carefully, so I was taken by surprise, but, strangely, it was actually a fun breakfast.

The mayors of San Juan, Pharr and McAllen were genuinely touched by our support, and the police chiefs were moved as we gathered around and prayed for them, and were pleased with our loud, enthusiastic applause as well.

If you watch the following video clip from the evening news, you will see me in all my casual glory.

FLASHBACK:  As a bonus, here is the video segment from 2005, when I appeared on ABC KRGV channel 5 to plead my neighbor’s case against the power company.  The interview was ok, but you will get a good laugh at the very end when we do that silly “five is number one” gesture with our neighbors.

FLASHBACK FURTHER:  Watch a terrible quality video of Bill O’Reilly reading one of my letters to “The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel


4 Responses to Albino On the Evening News

  1. danielbalc says:

    Dude are you seriously picking your nose?

    and I am not surprised to hear you still won’t wear a seatbelt. have you considered having a custom made t-shirt that looks like your wearing a seatbelt? Or maybe a light cardigan that you can just slip on every time you get in the car ?

  2. 1 No, I was not picking my nose. Slow the video down frame by frame. But did you enjoy the nice view of my back?

    2 I do indeed wear my seatbelt (although having the government regulate these kinds of things is very annoying and un-American). I had just pulled out of the church parking lot and was adjusting some junk I had on the passenger seat when the cop pulled me over. I whined like a little kid, but he said, “Sorry, Pastor; I can give warnings with this new click-it-or-ticket program.” Ugh.

  3. Joanna says:

    You’re my super hero movie star!!! That is great that the pastors are involved w/ the community.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    I saw Daniel Cano in the background, too. I can’t believe you’ve had this much prime-time attention. I don’t know why the new station didn’t interview YOU for the piece on the Alianza Hispana.

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