Happy Birthday, Sam

November 14, 2007

Sam JimToday would have been my brother’s 45th birthday, and boy, did he enjoy big birthday parties.  Nothing made Sam happier than huge mobs of people playing games and laughing together. 

In honor of his special day, I have put together some videos, a letter I wrote to Sam on his 30th birthday, and some photos of a tribute given in Sam’s name at Judson College.  I hope he eats some “angel food cake” for me in Heaven.

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I Can See Clearly Now, High Def is On

November 12, 2007

Philips lcd hdLast week I shoved all my birthday money into my pockets, drove to Sam’s Club, and emerged one hour later with a Philips 32″ high definition lcd television.  Before leaving the house, I had to promise Esther a new dining room set, which was a small price to pay for such a spectacular upgrade into the world of high definition.  Once I unpacked and installed my new set, I began to wonder how I would get the new high definition signal. Read the rest of this entry »