I Can See Clearly Now, High Def is On

Philips lcd hdLast week I shoved all my birthday money into my pockets, drove to Sam’s Club, and emerged one hour later with a Philips 32″ high definition lcd television.  Before leaving the house, I had to promise Esther a new dining room set, which was a small price to pay for such a spectacular upgrade into the world of high definition.  Once I unpacked and installed my new set, I began to wonder how I would get the new high definition signal.

Even though the picture on the screen was breathtakingly better than a regular picture, even without the hd signal, I knew I had to get a new dish to make my dream come true. 


Since I have been a loyal member of the Directv family for 10 years, I called them up to inquire about my new signal.  “Hi, I just bought a new lcd hd television, and I need to get an hd signal.  What does this involve?”  The nice lady paused, then said, “Well, you need to buy a new hd dvr for $300, then pay $50 for installation, then another $10 per month for the signal, $50 for the new dish, and $50 to have your current box installed in your bedroom…that brings us to $450 plus the monthly fees.” My heart sank.  I said, “Well, I guess I’ll just switch to Time Warner Cable; I see they have a deal for new subscribers.”  Another long pause was followed by, “Would you please hold, sir?”

 The next voice I heard was another lady’s voice: “Hi, this is Amanda; what can we do to keep you in the Directv family, sir.”  After 10 minutes, I had the new hd dvr FREE, installation FREE, the new dish FREE, 1 year of hd fees FREE, and transfering the old wiring and box to our bedroom FREE.  Don’t you just love competition and capitalism?


Saturday morning the Directv tech showed up and installed the whole enchilada in about one hour.  The new dish is HUGE, at least twice as big as the old one.

 After he left, I wasn’t getting very good resolution on the HD channels.  I know something was wrong, and since the new HR-200 remote wasn’t that intuitive, I couldn’t figure out how to improve the resolution to 1080i.  After a few minutes on line, I discovered that under “settings” and “high definition”, there is a preference that sets the screen resolution to what your television can handle.  I selected “720p” and “1080i” and BAM, there was the picture.


I selected ESPN HD, sat on my couch and tears filled my eyes as I looked, for the first time at that delicious, vibrant picture.  WOW!  There is no way for me to describe it to you, but just know that it will literally take your breath away.  If you don’t have high definition, do what you have to do to get it…IMMEDIATELY!

Watching the Cowboys crush the Giants on Sunday in HD was a delight.  I also really enjoy Discover HD and National Geographic HD.  One really weird fact to know is that one of the crispest and most beautiful channels in HD is the new Fox Business News channel.

I can see clearly now, high def is on.  And you could too.


10 Responses to I Can See Clearly Now, High Def is On

  1. Bruce S. says:

    I can see clearly now, high def is on

    I just heard that tune in the dentist chair not more than 45 minutes ago.

    On the topic of HiDef on a 32 inch diagonal TV, you should see it on an 8 foot diagonal TV. You should have set your covetous sights higher than 32 inches.

  2. Bruce, as the year draws to a close, why not consider a donation to a South Texas clergyman that you would be able to deduct from your taxes?

    Aw, forget it; that beast you have would never fit in our living room entertainment center, and Esther would never allow it, either. You enjoy for the two of us, big man.

  3. Gary Ost says:

    O.K. Jim, let me get this straight. While you were at home, relaxing in “HD Heaven”, you had your poor wife frantically chasing to the church to shut off the alarm and talk to the police?? Hmmmm………I think you not only owe her a dining set, but a new bedroom set AND living room set as well. Maybe I’ll wait to get my new set just in time for the NFC title game, to watch your Cowboys get whupped by Favre and the Packers up at Lambeau.


  4. Gregg says:

    You know, this might make an interesting sermon illustration. We see but a shadow of Christ and like your HD TV in the future we will see him more fully. Perhaps you could even go more cheesy HD = Holy Devotion?

    Great to be back and interacting with all you!

  5. Echo_ohcE says:

    Oh that’s interesting.

  6. Thanks for the yellow journalism, Gary. The wife was jogging at a track near the church while daddy was home alone with the sleeping baby. The alarm company called with the information that the church alarm was activated. I told them to send the police, then called Esther to go and reset the alarm once the police had gone.

    Wow…now defending against this nasty rumor in two different forums! How dare anyone insinuate that my love for high def would cause me to be so cruel, callous, and macho?

    By the way, Esther does pack a 44 magnum.

  7. Gary Ost says:

    Wow, Jim, nice to see you “stepped down” from “HD Heaven” long enough to get back on-line to spend a few minutes with us!!! Thank you!! I notice you didn’t mention anything about my Packers/Cowboys comments. The silence is deafening……….

  8. Gregg says:

    How do we know this is actually Jim writing these blogs. seeing how Esther apparently does everything else for him. I am suspicious that “Albino Hayford” should actually be “Albino Chica- The Ghost Writer”

  9. Laura says:

    dud, thought you had a projection device that lite up your whole wall.. like the movies …

  10. Don’t hate the player; hate the game.

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