What is Albino Reading?

January 23, 2008

Book StackI am always reading six or seven books at a time, moving back and forth between them, some for work and some for pleasure.  If I get really engrossed, I may keep reading one while neglecting the others. 

 From time to time, I will elucidate my loyal readers as to what books I am currently devouring.

Here is my current reading list, with a handy link to Amazon for those who want to purchase or read further reviews of each recommended book. Read the rest of this entry »


Love Rekindled After 60 Years of Separation

January 23, 2008

 Russian Couple

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here is a real life romantic tale that will have you running for the kleenex.

 Russian couple Boris and Anna Kozlov had only been married for three days when Boris was called away to rejoin his Red Army unit.  When Boris returned, he discovered that Anna and her family had been exiled to Siberia as part of Stalin’s purge of “enemies of the state”.  Boris frantically searched for her, but his efforts were in vain; she was gone forever…or so he thought.

Sixty years later, in an amazing coincidence, both returned to their home village on the same day.  As Boris got out of his car, he looked up and saw Anna.  Read the rest of this entry »

Albino’s Election Analysis

January 5, 2008

voteFor political junkies like me, this year in politics is more fun than Disneyland.  The Republican field is CHAOTIC and unpredictable, and it looks like the Clinton dynasty is finally getting a stake through the heart by an attractive young candidate named, “Obama”. Read the rest of this entry »