Love Rekindled After 60 Years of Separation

 Russian Couple

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here is a real life romantic tale that will have you running for the kleenex.

 Russian couple Boris and Anna Kozlov had only been married for three days when Boris was called away to rejoin his Red Army unit.  When Boris returned, he discovered that Anna and her family had been exiled to Siberia as part of Stalin’s purge of “enemies of the state”.  Boris frantically searched for her, but his efforts were in vain; she was gone forever…or so he thought.

Sixty years later, in an amazing coincidence, both returned to their home village on the same day.  As Boris got out of his car, he looked up and saw Anna.  “I thought my eyes were playing games with me,” Anna said. “I saw this familiar looking man approaching me, his eyes gazing at me. My heart jumped. I knew it was him. I was crying with joy.”  Boris ran up to her and said, “My darling, I’ve been waiting for you for so long. My wife, my life…”  

The rest of the story is in the original Telegraph article.

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2 Responses to Love Rekindled After 60 Years of Separation

  1. Echo_ohcE says:

    Now that is a bizarre story! Good for them!

  2. …and they haven’t changed a bit!

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