What is Albino Reading?

Book StackI am always reading six or seven books at a time, moving back and forth between them, some for work and some for pleasure.  If I get really engrossed, I may keep reading one while neglecting the others. 

 From time to time, I will elucidate my loyal readers as to what books I am currently devouring.

Here is my current reading list, with a handy link to Amazon for those who want to purchase or read further reviews of each recommended book.

An Inconvenient Book: Real Solutions to the World’s Biggest Problems by Glenn Beck

This is an informative, and, at the same time, hilarious book on the state of our country and her politics.

For Love of Politics: Bill and Hillary Clinton: The White House Years by Sally Smith

I haven’t been able to put this one down, lately.  An peek inside the marriage and working relationship of Bill and Hillary during Bill Clinton’s administration as President.  If this doesn’t scare you away from Hillary, nothing will.

Playing For Pizza: A Novel by John Grisham

If you like football and want to learn cultural tidbits about Italy, you will enjoy this novel.

The Contrarian’s Guide to Leadership (J-B Warren Bennis Series) by Steven B. Sample

My cousins Carl and Steve turned me onto this book on leadership.  I have found Sample’s leadership style extremely interesting, especially the chapter on “Knowing Which Hill You’re Willing to Die On”.

Intervention!: The United States and the Mexican Revolution, 1913-1917 by John Eisenhower

Really interesting follow-up to his book on the U.S./Mexico War that traces our relationship with Mexico during her revolution, including lots of cool Pancho Villa information.

A WHACK ON THE SIDE OF THE HEAD: How You Can Be More Creative by Roger von Oech

van Oech is really good at challenging the reader to think in unorthodox ways.  This book is amusing, challenging and fascinating.

Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: A Response to Evangelical Feminism by John Piper & Wayne Grudem

I’m not reading this straight through, but gleaning from different chapters…extremely good research that examines what the Bible says about the roles of men and women in the church and in the home.


6 Responses to What is Albino Reading?

  1. danielbalc says:

    I’ve wanted to get into the “recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood” book for a while but haven’t yet. Let me know how that shapes you.

    As for your Glenn Beck book. You do know he’s Mormon right? I’m sure that comes up in his book. I only mention this because the elections are starting to show it’s probably going to come down to Romney being the only republican who can stop McCain.

    I don’t like McCain’s immigration at all so come super tuesday I’m afraid I’m going to be voting Romney. Beck’s politics are very similar to mine (and yours) and if Romney holds to that line is he really such a bad candidate?

  2. Glenn Beck is a Mormon…He converted to Mormonism because of his wife, he was never and missionary, and certainly, never a bishop. Romney was a missionary AND a bishop. That means he really believes he will be a god one day.

  3. And fwiw, I wouldn’t vote for Glenn Beck to be potus either.

  4. danielbalc says:

    He converted to Mormonism because of his wife

    Don’t they all? the mormon method of missionaryin’ through marriage is remarkable. They perfected what the moonies could not. Maybe it’s because they call themselves “christian” and gain public credibility via it.

    Regardless, I’d rather have a guy who was born and raised believing the lies (Romney) then the guy who bought into the lies because of a girl.

    While both are deceived I think Romney’s deception is more excusable (in regards to his intelligence, not in regards to his standing before God).

  5. Miriam Lucio says:

    I am so curious now about “for love or politics…” though I always thought their marriage is more like a business deal.

    I recommend you “The Kite Runners” I think that’s the name, it’s a beautiful novel about these two friends growing up in Afghanistan; through it you can see a little bit of their culture, their way of thinking and their velieves; not just that but also something about russian intervention and the taliban. A pretty interesting window for us to see a totally different way of living.

  6. 5najeras says:

    I loved Playing For Pizza! After I finished reading it I attempted to read it out loud to Alex, but he kept falling asleep. Rude! Anyway, it is a pretty good book.

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