How Do You Interpret the Bible?

February 26, 2008

Bible glasses
Leadership Magazine has created an online quiz to determine what your hermeneutic is (how you interpret the Bible). By answering 20 multiple-choice questions, they believe they can determine if you are conservative, moderate or progressive in your hermeneutic method.

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Obama and Me

February 25, 2008

Jim Barack

It was a long walk in the humidity, a long line to get through security, and a long wait in the hot sun, but finally, at long last, Senator Barack Obama, the man everybody has been talking about, emerged from a nearby building, jogged up on the grandstand, and I was 50 feet away.

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Do You Need the Evangelism Linebacker?

February 1, 2008

football tackleMaybe you are one of the millions of football fans who will not be watching your favorite team play in the Superbowl this year.  My dreams came crashing down with Tony Romo’s errant pass from the 10-yard line a few weeks ago, so the Superbowl doesn’t hold as much magic for me this year.

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