Is Hillary Your Sister?

hillary praysNew York Times reporter Michael Luo interviewed Hillary last July about her faith in Christ.  It was extremely interesting and revealing in many ways.

The Brody File  discovered the audio of the interview online, so I promptly downloaded the mp3 and  listened to Hillary explain her faith while I drove around town today.  Hearing Hillary discuss her faith in Jesus was really different.

Here is the link to the audio and transcript of the interview.

Here are some of the interesting quotes:

Hillary Clinton: I believe in the father, son, and Holy Spirit, and I have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit on many occasions in my years on this earth.

Reporter: Can I ask you theologically, do you believe that the resurrection of Jesus actually happened, that it actually historically did happen?

Senator Clinton: Yes, I do.

Reporter: And, do you believe on the salvation issue — and this is controversial too — that belief in Christ is needed for going to heaven?

Senator Clinton: That one I’m a little more open to. I think that it is, as we understand our relationship to God as Christians, it is how we see our way forward, and it is the way. But, ever since I was a little girl, I’ve asked every Sunday school teacher I’ve ever had, I asked every theologian I’ve ever talked with, whether that meant that there was no salvation, there was no heaven for people who did not accept Christ. And, you’re well aware that there are a lot of answers to that. There are people who are totally rooted in the fact that, no, that’s why there are missionaries, that’s why you have to try to convert. And, then there are a lot of other people who are deeply faithful and deeply Christ-centered who say, that’s how we understand it and who are we to read God’s mind about such a weighty decision as that.

Reporter: And your attitude toward the Bible about how literally people should take it.

Senator Clinton: I think the whole Bible is real. The whole Bible gives you a glimpse of God and God’s desire for a personal relationship, but we can’t possibly understand every way God is communicating with us. I’ve always felt that people who try to shoehorn in their cultural and social understandings of the time into the Bible might be actually missing the larger point that we’re supposed to take from the Bible.

 Ok, so Hillary confesses that she believes that Jesus Christ died and rose again, that the Bible is the Word of God, and that she has felt the presence of the Holy Spirit many times.  Do you accept her as a sister in Christ now? 

If so, should Hillary be under discipline by her church for her stance on abortion ?


21 Responses to Is Hillary Your Sister?

  1. Rich Murphy says:

    That has got to be one of the most liberal statements on Christianity, salvation, and the Bible I’ve ever heard. Why didn’t she just go on to say, “All roads lead to heaven?”

    If she’s truly a Christian, how can she justify an anti-biblical stance on so many moral issues (specifically abortion and gay rights)? In her stance on abortion, which is linked to on albino’s blog, she says “abortion in rare cases.” How does she define that? Is she trying to tell us that the 3,700 abortions per day that are performed in this country are rare occurances? If so, I’d hate to see what her idea of “normal” is.

    I’m sorry, Hillary (not really sorry) but I need more than this to accept you as a sister. But, I will pray that you find some truth before it’s too late.

  2. Rich Murphy says:

    Hillary, maybe you’d better try asking some real Christians about the salvation issue. Then, why don’t you try and listen to their answers, instead of twisting their answers to agree with your theology. Salvation is the most basic of Christian issues. If you are a Christian, as you are claiming, you should know this.

    While I’m asking you questions, let me ask you about your statment about the Bible. You say, “I’ve always felt that people who try to shoehorn in their cultural and social understandings of the time into the Bible might be actually missing the larger point that we’re supposed to take from the Bible.” Okay, that’s fine. In fact, I’ll even go as far as to agree that when we “shoehorn our cultural and social understandings into the Bible” we’re going to miss it. The Bible was not written in 22nd century western culutre. But, what is this “larger point” you’re referring to? Is it even a Christian point? Or, are you trying to go in some other direction entirely.

    Why don’t you take some time to read the Bible; after you lose the election of course. I realize you’re a little busy right now. And, we all know that God isn’t really all that important to you. After all, as president, you can tell Him what to do, right? Anyway, you might learn something by reading it.

  3. Davie Copp says:

    Well, well…

    If the interviewee was not Hilary Clinton, but a nameless person, I suspicion that he/she would have been accepted into the fold, but with a need for ‘discipleship’, and/or more comprehensive theological/doctrinal teaching.

    The Evangelical Church is filled with millions of people who would have ‘questions’ about the eternal fate of those who have not confessed Jesus Christ as they have, and yet they would unquestionably be considered ‘brothers/sisters”.

    Where in the Scriptures is a undoubting and non-questioning knowing of those kinds of questions the pre-requisite for salvation?

    Could ‘brother’ Rich’s spiritual sight be ‘blinded’ by his political point of view?

  4. Rich Murphy says:

    “Brother” Rich doesn’t have a political point of view; he has a Bible point of view. Although he went to hear both Hillary and Obama speak, he has about as much interest in politics as he does in having his tonsils removed without anesthesia.

  5. Rich Murphy says:

    Davie, if all those “evangelicals” have such doubts about salvation, and where people go who haven’t confessed Jesus Christ, how do they know they are saved? Maybe, somebody should explain the gospel to them.

  6. Echo_ohcE says:

    The refusal to affirm that Christ is the ONLY way to heaven means that her profession of faith is not valid. It’s close, but not good enough.

    She needs to be able to articulate that the only reason anyone ever gets to heaven is because of what Christ has done for them. We cannot earn our own salvation in any way. Our salvation is all of Christ from first to last from beginning to end, from alpha to omega.

    If you cannot articulate that Christ is your only hope for salvation, then you have not made a valid profession of faith in Christ.

    Such a person may in fact be saved, but we mere mortals who cannot look upon the heart cannot make such a judgment based on such a profession.

    In other words, Hiliary may be saved, but there is no evidence for that here.

    To put it in perspective: the Pope could have agreed with everything she said. And if you think the Pope is saved, I’ll have plenty to say to you.

  7. Matt says:

    Obviously she is a professional, polished politician who knows how to skirt around issues with the best of them and this is no different.

    She purposely takes this line because it gives her the best chance to be accepted by everyone. Most Christians (and I use that term lightly) will say “Look she is a Christian she does believe in God.” And most unbelievers will say, “See she is not condemning my view of God and forcing her view down my throat like those narrow-minded evangelical Bush supporters.”

    Typical spineless politician, makes me sick.

  8. clara Ost says:

    I miss a solid”know so” answer. Remember, even the devil believes and trembles.

  9. Hilary: I beleive the Bible is real & the written word of God”

    Reporter:And, do you believe on the salvation issue — and this is controversial too — that belief in Christ is needed for going to heaven?”

    Hilary:That one I’m a little more open to”

    Well in the book of John Jesus states that he is the way, the truth & the life..if she believes that the Bible is 100% accurate she “should” believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven. You can’t say that the Bible is accurate & question the very root of the word of God right?
    Very pagan

  10. Echo_ohcE says:

    Right. It’s not a valid profession of faith.

  11. Very good, Jonathan.

  12. Jerry says:

    just political mumbo jumbo

  13. RubeRad says:

    I agree with the consensus of this thread that Hillary’s “profession” is not credible, but I was actually surprised with how close she came.

    For the question, “is belief in Christ needed for going to heaven?”, she opens up her answer with “That one I’m a little more open to”, by which I assume she means “I want to allow a diversity of opinions on this question” But if you take out all the weasel words, the rest of her answer to the question is basically “Yup, that’s what Christians believe.”

  14. Echo_ohcE says:


    Ok, so she understands what I believe in a very small measure. But again, this is no valid profession of HER faith.


  15. RubeRad says:

    True, but I’d like to give her a pinch of credit where due: she didn’t (like most liberals) assert that “obviously”, there are many paths up the mountain…

  16. With white, dorky friends like these, who needs enemies? Come on, guys; you can’t sing, you can’t rap…this is TERRIBLE! Obama probably gets 10 votes for every view of this effort.

  17. Echo_ohcE says:


    She said what she did in the way that she did so as to be less offensive to guys like us. It’s just political wishy-washy-ness.

    Notice that she also did not say: “Christ is our only hope of righteousness, our only hope for the age to come, and the only way to peace with God.” Consider that she refused to affirm that when given a clear opportunity to do so before the world.


  18. itsasecret2u says:

    Albino – HAHAHA

    I love the fist-pumping, Beat-It-ish move the best. Word.

  19. […] But, in the wake of my “Gorbachev A Christian?” post, now comes news that I must perhaps address Ms. Rodham-Clinton as “sister!”  […]

  20. Well, even Slate magazine is now featuring a “Hillary Death Watch” meter, counting the days until Hillary realizes it’s over. Um, Sister….it’s over.

  21. Peggy Noonan nails it in this editorial:

    What, really, is Mrs. Clinton doing? She is having the worst case of cognitive dissonance in the history of modern politics. She cannot come up with a credible, realistic path to the nomination. She can’t trace the line from “this moment’s difficulties” to “my triumphant end.” But she cannot admit to herself that she can lose. Because Clintons don’t lose. She can’t figure out how to win, and she can’t accept the idea of not winning. She cannot accept that this nobody from nowhere could have beaten her, quietly and silently, every day. (She cannot accept that she still doesn’t know how he did it!)

    She is concussed. But she is a scrapper, a fighter, and she’s doing what she knows how to do: scrap and fight. Only harder. So that she ups the ante every day. She helped Ireland achieve peace. She tried to stop Nafta. She’s been a leader for 35 years. She landed in Bosnia under siege and bravely dodged bullets. It was as if she’d watched the movie “Wag the Dog,” with its fake footage of a terrified refugee woman running frantically from mortar fire, and found it not a cautionary tale about manipulation and politics, but an inspiration.

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