Why Legalists Can’t Love

April 11, 2008

Jerry Joule preachingAs a pastor, I’m always looking for fresh perspectives on the Scripture, so when I caught this Bible study by Jerry Joule, I was both inspired and challenged to take another look at Jesus’ story of the Good Samaritan.  Jerry tells the story with an unusual twist, that just might offend you, but, if you’re listening, might teach you about Jesus’ love in a new way. Read the rest of this entry »

Sing That Funky Music, White Boys

April 8, 2008

BYU Men's ChorusI was channel-surfing the other day and stumbled across a concert by the BYU Men’s Chorus class of 2000.  I like choir music, and, in many ways, their concert was enjoyable and exceptionally impressive.  They sang classics in Latin, sang opera in Italian, sang sacred music and fun music, and their harmonies were spot on. 

Then they tried to sing a soulful Andrae Crouch song. Read the rest of this entry »