Calvinists Dancing in Church?

May 22, 2008

Calvin DancingAs you know, most of our Reformed brethren frown on the more expressive forms of worship in church, clinging to something called the “Regulative Principle“, of which I am clearly no fan, which limits, in my view, the believers’ liberty to worship God like King David (all through the Psalms), and to enjoy the full array and variety of worship expression.  Which brings me to an article I read in Christianity Today yesterday by James K.A. Smith titled, “Teaching a Calvinist to Dance“.  Is it really possible to be a Reformed Calvinist AND worship like a pentecostal or a charismatic? Read the rest of this entry »


Can My Cell Phone Crash a Plane? Really?

May 17, 2008

cell phone airlplaneYesterday afternoon, sitting on an American Airlines airplane, I listened to the flight attendant command us to turn off all cell phones and portable electronic devices right before takeoff.  We have all heard and obeyed this command for years, believing that somehow our cell phones and ipods could somehow bring down a jet. 

But could my cell phone crash a plane?  Really?

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My Father’s Voice

May 7, 2008

Tomorrow will mark two years since my dad’s departure, and the world is brimming with fresh tributes and memories.  What follows below is a poem from my sister, Deborah, along with a youtube version of her poem and multiple bonus reels featuring one of my favorite of dad’s Bible studies, family singing, and a link to the 8-page Christian Fellowship Union “John Ost” memorial issue of their magazine, “On The Scene” which was published this month on the 2nd anniversary of dad’s death. 

We still miss you, Dad; can’t wait to see you again. Read the rest of this entry »