My Father’s Voice

Tomorrow will mark two years since my dad’s departure, and the world is brimming with fresh tributes and memories.  What follows below is a poem from my sister, Deborah, along with a youtube version of her poem and multiple bonus reels featuring one of my favorite of dad’s Bible studies, family singing, and a link to the 8-page Christian Fellowship Union “John Ost” memorial issue of their magazine, “On The Scene” which was published this month on the 2nd anniversary of dad’s death. 

We still miss you, Dad; can’t wait to see you again.

My Father’s Voice
By Deborah Ost Krueger 

Dad always taught as we walked along the paths of the wildlife preserve.
“I used to think it my cross to live in such a humid, dusty climate”, Dad said,
“But then I began to see the beauty, romance and history of the place.”
And as he spoke, I could see—

Spanish Conquerors in their heavy mail,
vaqueros driving cattle in the Wild Horse Desert
and the farmers of the 1940’s harvesting in the “Magic Valley.”

Dad’s words also taught me how to recognize the Heavenly Father’s voice.
Daddy and I especially loved the gentle spring of the Rio Grande Valley early in the year.
The light green shades of the new delicate leaves never failed to bring him joy as he pointed them out to me.
“You see the beautiful young leaves, Debbie?
The trees stretch their branches to the sky
Giving, giving as they drink the unseen water, hidden in the ground far below.
That is how we should be.”
“And yet in death, they give.”
“You see this large tree, Debbie? Fallen to the earth? In the forests, the trees fall and die, and then there is more sunlight for the rest of the living things.
The soil becomes richer from the tree that has died.
That is how we will be.”
“Smell the Huisache and the Acacia tree, Debbie? Do you know the conquerors of this land did not know the
life-giving properties these sweet smelling trees contained?
They perished because they didn’t know.
We need to tell people that God’s love is all around them, even if they can’t see it.”
The Huisache and the Acacia tree have long since dropped their flowers
And the fire bush and red blossomed Hibiscus take their place in the sweltering heat.
Thorny, stark cacti dot the landscape with all of their stings and points.
Dad always taught as we walked along the paths of the wildlife preserve but today I walk alone.
Life has become so painful this day in May. Yet a Father’s voice beside me says
“See that green, spiky cactus plant? Did you know the salve within it can heal burns?
Debbie, the pain you are feeling is for others. With the pain will come comfort that can heal the world.”


“My Father’s Voice” – A Walk in Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge

“Fight For Your Families” – Pastor John Ost, 1994

Fight For Your Families” – Part Two – Pastor John Ost, 1994

Ost Family Singing – Riveness Reunion, 1994

Click here to read the John Ost Memorial Issue of Christian Fellowship Union’s “On The Scene” (pdf)

Here are some previous tributes and multimedia items:

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3 Responses to My Father’s Voice

  1. Miriam Lucio says:

    What a beutiful thought Debbie. He had left a tremendous legacy in every one of you. We miss him too, as our pastor (Jim is doing great job though) and as a very sensible and fine gentleman.

  2. Ron Smith says:

    I strongly agree with your father’s sentiment here:

    If I win 10,000 people to the Lord and lose my children, I am a failure.


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