Dear Mr. President; I’m Disappointed…

obama_prayingI watched the news, today, and noticed that you decided not to have a public time of prayer at the White House during today’s National Day of Prayer.

I’m disappointed, Mr. President, and, frankly, a little surprised.

I was there last February in Brownsville, Texas, where you told a group of clergy how much Jesus Christ and prayer means to you. You seemed sincere when describing that moment when you “accepted Christ as your Savior” and resolved to live for Him.

I shook your hand that day, and wrote about the experience in my blog even including video footage of your speech

Now that you are President of the United States, I was sure that you would take seriously a National Day of Prayer by continuing with your predecessor’s tradition of inviting spiritual leaders to the White House for prayer. I was sure that you wouldn’t feed into the stereotype of democrats as insensitive to Christians and especially, evangelical Christians.

Boy, was I wrong.

Please know that I still pray for you and your family every day, but today, I’m disappointed.



3 Responses to Dear Mr. President; I’m Disappointed…

  1. Zrim says:

    Three cheers for Obama for not wearing it on his sleeve. Ok, 3 cheers minus one for lying.

  2. “Let your light ‘be so hidden on your sleeve?’ or “shine before men”? Hmmmmm…

  3. Zrim says:

    Where’d I put my WWJD bracelet and sandwich board?

    But why is there a man-ordained National Day of Prayer when there is a God-ordained one the first day of every week? I suppose that doesn’t count as a “tradition of men,” right?

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