Ronnie’s Amazing Summer

.This summer was very special for Veronica Morales.

It started with a phone call, inviting her girls to vacation Bible school at Iglesia Bíblica. Veronica (“Ronnie”) asked her husband, Joe, if they should send their girls. “Sure”, he responded, so on June 13, Ronnie put her girls, Monika & Melanie, in the car and drove them to the first evening of VBS.

“I was so nervous,” Ronnie said, “I dropped the girls off with their teacher and got ready to leave, when Norma Morales stopped me.” “The moms have their own class, Ronnie; why don’t you stay?” Encouraged by another friend, Mary Vega, Ronnie decided to stay and attend the class for moms. Ronnie remembers that moment: “I was almost panicking as I walked into a room full of ladies that were talking about the Bible, a topic I knew very little about. My fears were relieved when I was greeted with a smile by Clara Ost and Stephanie Martinez, who told us to begin getting to know the person seated next to us. Little did I know, that I had begun my journey toward salvation.”

After attending VBS all week, Ronnie heard Pastor Jim make an announcement on Friday that everyone was invited to church on Sunday morning, Father’s Day, where the kids would be showing the congregation all that they had learned.

The next morning, Norma called and asked what the favorite colors of Ronnie’s girls were. She answered, “Pink and blue; but, why?” “Oh, my sister, Estela and I wanted to buy them a Bible in their favorite colors,” Norma responded. A knot formed in Ronnie’s throat as tears rolled down her cheeks.

On Sunday, the whole Morales family attended church together. As the praise and worship began, Ronnie began to cry again, as she felt the presence of the Lord.

Throughout the summer, Ronnie and her family continued attending church each Sunday, but Ronnie still felt like something was missing.

On Sunday, August 1, Missionary Rob Johnson was the guest speaker. Rob shared a study on Isaiah, and as he concluded, he said, “Don’t wait on Jesus; RUN to Him. You don’t have to wait.” Ronnie knew God was talking to her, so she walked to the front of the church and prayed: “Jesus, forgive me. Take over my life and change me.” As she prayed, Ronnie knew that God was changing her heart. “I felt fresh and new; I felt alive. I knew I had been set free from the chains of sin. It was an experience like no other.”

On August 22, Ronnie posted this on her facebook status: “Well, the vacation is over for my girls. We had the most wonderful summer this year. We didn’t go to Disney, to the beach, or to Six Flags, but this summer was one in a million – we found God. 🙂 it was amazing!!!”

What a summer indeed

One Response to Ronnie’s Amazing Summer

  1. Liz says:

    What a great post, Jim. Thanks for sharing her story.

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