I am Albino Hayford, “Albino” because I am white, and “Hayford” because I agree with almost everything that flows from the pen of Pastor Jack Hayford, founding Pastor of “Church on the Way”.  I am an evangelical, born-again Christian, who believes in the Bible and in the power of the Holy Spirit. But, most importantly, I live in the great State of Texas, from which any call to God is a local call.

I trust you will be both educated and annoyed as you peruse my writings, and feel free to add your thoughts to the mix. 


4 Responses to Welcome

  1. C. A. Bell says:

    Thanks for clearing me on who Albino Hayford is or was or shall be. I was privileged to host Pastor Jack last summer at the International Worship Institute. He is a real experience to be around….mature, serious, etc., and wonderfully cordial. Your mailings are a real treat. Thanks. C. A.

  2. I was priveleged to attend a Jack Hayford pastors’ conference in the early 90’s and found him to be an incredible man of God, combining a sharp mind with a tender heart for God. He kept inisisting to us — “Exercise your minds, pastors…think more, study more, make your sermons sparkle, but also challenge the mind as well as the heart. Read the Bible again and again.”

    I remember him coming out in a sweater before the Wednesday night plenary session started and he said, “Shhhhhhhhh…it’s time to practice. We are all going to be worshiping the Almighty God with our voices tonight, and we must warm up.” Then he proceeded to sing us through several scales to stretch our voices as if we were all choir members. Then during worship, we all performed for Jesus with gusto. Made a big impact on me.

    He is the most like my dad of any pastor I have ever met. Later, of course, I saw him at many Promise Keeper events, but getting to interact with him in a smaller group was really memorable.

    His best book, in my view, is The Beauty of Spiritual Language, in which he exactly outlines my position on speaking in tongues and prayer to God in tongues.

    Christianity Today called him “The Gold Standard for Pentecostals“. I agree.

  3. amyleesspace says:

    Pastor Jim, I thought of you on Sunday when the Cowboys were playing the Good Ol Patriots! ( I’m a Pats fan)

    The cowboys gave us a run for our money, I was pleasantly pleased when we pulled through in the end though 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing you speak at the anniversary convention 🙂 !

  4. The Patriots are the best team in the league. I was happy to have stayed with them and actually been in the lead in the 3rd quarter. Brady is UNBELIEVABLE Randy Moss makes them virtually unbeatable.

    Look forward to coming to Poway. Please pray for me as I study and pray.

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