Atheism, Race & Buzz Lightyear

October 7, 2010

Brand new episode of Clergy Cousins Podcast available now, featuring special guest book reviewer, Brad Ost, the Michael Jordan of librarians, exciting new book and movie reviews, and a new segment, “When Worlds Collide”. You can either go directly to the mp3 and show notes, or download the podcast from the itunes store.


Me Too!

September 23, 2010

I was walking across a bridge recently. I spied this guy who looked like he was ready to jump off. So, I thought I’d try to stall him until authorities showed up (or at least until I had time to ready my camera). “Don’t jump!” I said.

“Why not? Nobody loves me.”

“God loves you,” I said. “You believe in God, don’t you?”

“Yes, I believe in God.” Read the rest of this entry »

Real Preachers of Genius…We Salute You – Mr. Really, Really, Really Bad Preacher

October 21, 2008

Sadly, we’ve all been there, seen that and gotten the t-shirt.

“What’s Going On, Chief?”

August 1, 2008

As I sat in the carport of Chase Bank, waiting for my deposit slip to come shooting out in an air tube, my Ford’s engine began to make chugging, gasping noises. “Oh no”, I thought, “I ran out of gas”. Sure enough, the gas guage read “E”; the car coughed twice, then was quiet. Read the rest of this entry »

A Child Shall Lead Them

June 26, 2008

Ok, my daughter’s 4th birthday was celebrated last week, and, at a time when most kids are thinking about cake, presents and goody bags, Rachel took time out of her day to strike a blow at that most hideous of all of Calvin’s constructs, the wretched doctrine of limited atonement. 

The miracle is that I caught it all on video.  Enjoy… Read the rest of this entry »

Obama and Me – The Handshake

March 3, 2008

handshakeAfter handing my video camera to Trevor, I stepped toward Senator Obama, reached out my hand, and said, “Thanks for coming to South Texas; keep thinking about us.”  As he shook my hand, he responded, “It’s my pleasure; keep up the good work.” 

Only time will tell the significance of that historic handshake, and it was caught on video. Read the rest of this entry »

Obama and Me

February 25, 2008

Jim Barack

It was a long walk in the humidity, a long line to get through security, and a long wait in the hot sun, but finally, at long last, Senator Barack Obama, the man everybody has been talking about, emerged from a nearby building, jogged up on the grandstand, and I was 50 feet away.

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